Five Things Friday

Happy Friday!


I missed Thinking Out Loud Thursday yesterday as it was a big work day and I just didn’t have the time to either write a post or read any. But I’m stalled right now waiting for people – so I have time for a 5 Things Friday!


Thing #1 – McDonalds Office


I’m currently working out of McD’s because my stupid internet is busted. We have a technician in to do a few changes and now magically the internet isn’t working. I had a conference call scheduled for 10:30, so I had to book it to the closest free internet place – which is McDonalds. I had a latte. Of course, I sit down and see that the conference call is an hour delayed. I will spare you the choice words I uttered when I saw that. We all love waiting, right? There are some other  work issues too that just want me to be done with this stuff for a month.

photo (9)


Thing #2 – Road ID!

If you follow me on twitter and also participate in #RunChat – you would have seen that I won a giftcard to RoadID. I already have one – so instead of buying another, I bought some accessories instead. I bought two pairs of socks (much needed) and a few of those band decoration/charm things to put alongside your ID. I bought a 5K, 21.1K, Boston Strong and I Love NY one to put on my band.

photo 1 (26)


photo 2 (25)


#3 New Shoes – New Running

I went for a 3K run yesterday to test out the new running suggestions I was given from my Physio therapist and the new minimalist shoes I bought. It was differently different running in a new way. A bit harder, but I noticed that my calves were not aching at all nor were they ever really tense. Let’s hope this trend continues!

photo 3 (15)


Thing #4 – Some Cool Apps

I went and downloaded a few new apps to my phone the other day. One that is really neat and helped me with some school stuff was CamScanner – you can take pictures of documents and it creates a PDF. I had to scan 50+ documents and upload them onto my course. Using CamScanner made it super easy and quick to get it down. I also downloaded Songza and have been enjoying the streaming music – although it plays that Michael Jackson song way too much! My athletes like the 7 minute workout app that I have with some basic circuit drills.

Thing #5 – New Internet/Cable Box

We called our local cable company and switched our home phone from one big company to the other. Because we now have our phone with the cable company, they gave us a better deal on our internet and cable and we pay the same amount. We now have faster internet and more bandwidth – plus we are joining the 21st century and now have a PVR. Sweet!


Have a great weekend!


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Running Assessment

This morning I went for my running assessment at a physiotherapy office in Kanata. The PT was referred to me by my GP who went to a “Running Injuries” clinic and heard that this PT was the one to go to for runners. It was kind of annoying to go all the way to Kanata (which is on the other side of the city), but traffic was bad at all. We found out a couple of items about my running that could be causing my shin splint issue – especially as I go higher up in mileage. A few things I already had a hunch about, but a few were new.

The Running assessment consisted of the following

- Discussion about running history, anything about injuries, and what I had been doing so far

- Examination of my running shoes to look over tread patterns

- Strength, balance and flexibility tests

- Quick exam of my leg muscles

- Video recording of running on a treadmill at a comfortable pace (at an 11 minute mile – which is my talking pace)


From the assessment we discovered:


1) My cadence count is too low. I was clocked at 153 steps per minute – I should be at around 170. Meaning, my stride is a bit too long – hence why my calves are feeling like the do.

2) As predicted, my legs are all over the place. My arms, back and overall stance is fine – but my legs basically cross over each other and wobble all over the place – forcing me to compensate to not fall down.I also have barely any push-off

3) Overall weakness in the core and glute muscles, causing a variety of issues – including leaning to the side and the push off problem.


After the assessment, I was shown the video and we went through a variety of running form issues to work through. Biggest step right now is to work on my cadence, work on running with my feet apart (which feels really weird – but I can feel my core better engaged) and some strengthening exercises. My PT also said I don’t need the heavy stability shoes – and I could work with minimalist shoes. I went to Sports 4 (best running gear store in Ottawa) – and picked up last year’s (and now retired) Mizuno Wave Musha shoes for my shorter distance runs.

It was great to have someone else look at my running style. Everything she was talking about I understood because I pretty much tell my track athletes the same thing. It is just hard to comment on my own running when I cannot see what I’m doing. The cost of the running assessment was $140 – I should be able to have this covered by my insurance as it was a referral from my GP. If you are from Ottawa and would like the name of the physio therapist, just write me an email!




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Benefits of Teaching from Home

I would have to admit, there are times I am envious of people who can work from home all the time, or choose to work from home when it is necessary (snow storms, daycare closed, kid has fever). Teaching is one of those jobs that is next to impossible to work from home. Sure we had sick days/child care days – but that just involves waking up before 6am to get a lesson plan in to the VP and you are done. But, right now we cannot teach from home. In my school board we do offer online classes during the school year. The way it works, however, is that a permanent teacher (which I am not) is allowed one section of their timetable (out of 6 if they are full-time) to be online. You must work out of a school, not from home. It is impossible to be an online teacher full-time and work from home.

However – summer school is the one time where these rules do not apply. We are given a full day of online learning that we can do anywhere and pretty much at any time. We are contracted to 6.5 hours per day (although typically most of us do more). We could work 6.5 hours straight or break it up. There is no stipulation that the hours be done during the business day, so you could work in the evening too. It is a nice change of pace! Typically in a regular classroom during summer school, I am at work from 8am til 4pm with marking done mostly at home. I do not get a ‘prep period’ like I do during the school year. School runs from 8:30 til 3:15 with a 40 minute break for lunch and two ten minute breaks in the morning and afternoon. It is a bit crazy!


What are some benefits that I’ve seen from switching to online teaching from regular summer school?


1) I can run

During the last few summers, I would always be squeezing runs in during the evening, which was problematic since I coach track 2-3 times a week. I would typically go to the track at 4pm and run then. Now, I can take a break and go run at most points of the day (if Max is at daycare)

2) Uniform Change

I have been wearing shorts and t-shirts all July. No need to wear dress clothes. Although the dress code in summer school is relaxed, I would never wear lululemon shorts to work!

3) Work is pretty much done in 7 hours

With regular summer school I have to teach from 8:30-3:15, so all prep work and marking happens after. With online, I am not teaching in front of a classroom. I mostly spend my day marking and answering questions.

4) I can sleep in

Although my definition of sleeping in, is like 7am – so?

5) Ability to do some fun summer things!

Because my schedule can vary, I am able to say yes to many more things this summer. I was able to volunteer at a few track meets, go on noon-hour runs downtown, pick up athletes at the airport – things like that.

6) Watching House Hunters

I typically take my lunch break from 12pm-1pm and watch two episodes of House Hunters. I missed that show!


However – even with the benefits of being at home this summer, I would say that I miss teaching my actual Civics and Careers class. Since all five teachers who have a Civics and Careers online class  have to teach the exact same material – this version of C&C is NOT my usual material. I miss sharing news of the day, watching various political videos, and having discussions with my class. It is different! However, if they continue with the trend of having more online courses, I will be doing this again. Next year will be a busy summer – so here is hoping I can teach online again!


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