Easy Fruit Crisp

I hope all my teacher friends had a great first day back (well – if you are from my parts, I know some already went back). To those who had kiddies that went in for their first day, I’ve liked seeing all the “First Day” pictures. Next year is Max’s turn!


Easy Fruit Crisp

Right now there are some great summer fruits available from my local farm and from other Ontario farmers. I tend to buy a basket or two of fresh Ontario fruit a week – but I don’t always like to eat 15 peaches on their own. What I have been doing lately is making fresh fruit crisps using whatever I have on hand.


It is really easy to prep and bake – making it the perfect dessert or even an “after kids go to bed” snack.


- Fresh fruit – your choice! I have been using peaches and strawberries lately. I have also used blackberries, raspberries and apples.

- Cinnamon – about a 1/4 teaspoon

- 1 cup flour

- 1 cup sugar – you can choose brown or white. I mix half and half

- 1 teaspoon of nutmeg

- Zest of a lime and lemon (optional)

- Stick of butter




1. Wash, peel and slice your fruit. It doesn’t need to be perfect. I have my baking dish on hand so I know how much fruit to prepare. Fill a pie baking dish with your fruit. Sprinkle your lemon/lime zest and mix (this is optional). Put aside

2. In a ziploc bag combine all your dry ingredients (cinnamon, sugar, flour). Shake together

3. Decide how much ‘crisp’ you want. Sometimes I use the whole bag, sometimes I use half. It really depends on the size of your baking pan. Half a bag will be enough to cover a 10″ round pan. If you have a large rectangular pan, you will probably need the whole bag. Put your decided amount of dry mix in a bowl and combine with enough better so that the mix is moist and crumbly. If you are using the whole bag, just throw the butter in the bag. Place crisp mix on top of the fruit.

4. Bake at 350C for about 30 minutes or until the fruit is boiling and the crisp is brown.

5. Cool and enjoy. A scoop of vanilla bean ice cream would be delightful with this dish.


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NYC Marathon Training: Week 7

Happy Monday!


This week was a struggle fest for the last half of the week. Between ragweed allergies, job stuff and very tired legs – I had to make a call on Saturday to switch up weeks 7 and 8, therefore making Week 7 a recovery week (week 8 was scheduled for recovery/race week). The 20K run just didn’t happen even though there was two attempts to run it. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to run 20K – just life got in the way! I will detail more below:

 NYC Marathon Training – Week 7


Monday – off

On Monday/Tuesday we were at Mont Tremblant so it was hard to run – walked a bunch instead!

Tuesday – off

Wednesday – 8K Tempo in 54:00

I went on an 8K tempo run on Wednesday. 2K warm up, then 4K of tempo and then 2K cooldown. Fairly easy run.

Thursday – 5K in 30:00

I went for my 5K right away the interview so that I would stay away from my phone and not stress out for thirty minutes. It was a nice run! Nothing too extraordinary.

Friday -off

This was originally my 20K day, but because I found out about the new school late Thursday, I had to go into work on Friday to get a few things squared away. I also promised my daycare lady that I would pick up Max at noon. So that plan when out the window super fast. By the time I dropped off Max and went to the school – it was 11am. No running happened.

Saturday – 10K in 1:10

This run was supposed to be my re-scheduled 10K. I was originally set to wake up at 6am and go out running so that I could be back early to take Max to the museum. But, I heard the alarm and said no – so I slept til 7am. Then, by the time I woke up, changed, ate something and did the necessary bathroom things – it was 8am. I did step out to run the full 20K and was having a great run. I run my long runs in two parts, allowing for a bathroom and nutrition break halfway. When I came home after finishing the 10K, it was all crazy at home and Max was yelling about dinosaurs, so I decided to throw in the towel and go to the museum instead. I really need to learn how to get up early! Especially for those 26+km runs coming up!

Sunday – off

Total KM – 23KM


Although I ran three decent runs – it was a bit of a ‘meh’ week. It is really hard to get those long runs done when Max is home. As I write this, I am in my running gear sitting with Max because I attempted another 20K run and came home after 5K as I had to use “the facilities”. The plan was to head back out, but Max was up and having none of that. When I attempted to leave he screamed and yelled and clung on to my leg. So – another attempt at 20K ends in disaster. I strongly prefer running my long runs when Max is at daycare. It is much harder to run my long runs now because of going back to work and that the disasters now require 2+ hours of running time. Running really early is of course an option, but I don’t run when it is dark out and I would say that most of the time, the situation that happened this morning will happen. Feeling pretty frustrated this morning. I do have a chance I think on Thursday to get a decent long run in. But, I’m also considering heading back out with Max in the chariot for some sort of run. Trying to train for a marathon with a child is no joke!

Hopefully this week goes better!

Have a great holiday Monday!!!

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The Calm before the Storm

Happy Friday!


This is a sad Friday as this Friday signals that summer vacation is over. I head back to work on Tuesday after having the month off. Darn! Although secretly I like going back to school because a) I like school and b) I also like earning money. I was supposed to go on my 20K run today but I was up with Max for about 2 hours last night (toddler nightmares are fun!) and my hips/quads are a bit sore – so I will go tomorrow early in the morning instead. I do try and avoid long runs on the weekend because they take up an entire morning, which is the main time I can go out and do fun things with Max. The plan is to head out at 6am or so tomorrow morning so we can go to a museum at around 10am.

This morning was instead spent at my new school. I had an interview yesterday and was hired a few hours later. I will be teaching a grade 11 law class. I’ve taught the course before and really enjoy teaching civics, so this should be a good fit. The school is located very close to home and really close to Max’s daycare. I also got a really good vibe at the school – I was introduced to other staff, information given to me right away (rather than me asking for it) and just a much more friendlier vibe. Plus, being close to home means I can be involved with extracurriculars again.

I will be supply teaching in the school (and probably at my previous school) often. I already have supply days booked up. Have I mentioned that I am so looking forward to not spending an hour in the car every afternoon?

Of course this means that it is time to get busy again!  I went to Staples this morning to pick up supplies and started organizing what I want to do next week (I am teaching drama for the week as well). I picked up a teacher planner as well. Normally I just use my own personal agenda, but the Plum Paper planner I use is too small for lesson planning. In my very first school they gave us teacher planners that were rather large. I found it easy to plan my daily lessons.


I still have a number of things to do before Tuesday including:

- Setting up a new classroom website

- Planning ice breakers/improv games for the drama class I’m covering

- Creating some new powerpoints (I have lots of material for Law, but want to update it)

- Iron my pants – because believe or not, I have only worn athletic clothes or jeans since June :-D

But it is the long weekend, so I also want to have some fun! I think the Museum of Nature may be in order!

Have a great weekend!!


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