NYC Marathon Training: Week 2

Happy Monday!


Week 2 of training for the NYC Marathon is over! A pretty good week – although the long run didn’t go as planned. But, I still ran a long run and didn’t skip it.

Training – Week 2:

Tuesday: 5K Steady run – 29:00

Wednesday: Running Assessment (2.5K treadmill run plus assorted exercises) – 16:00

Thursday: 3K Steady run  20:00

Sunday: 10K Long Run – 1:15

Total KM – 20.5

The steady runs were just that – steady. Nothing too crazy or spectacular to report. I just went out and ran. Wednesday was a running assessment, so that was informative. I was supposed to run a 6K on Thursday, but because I ran 2.5 K on Wednesday, I shortened the run to 3K – I did want to do more than that, but I kind of needed to go pee real bad (that and I had report cards).

The long run was done in Mississauga in the middle of a traveling weekend. We had our family reunion this weekend and I am very fortunate to have ran a LR in the middle of travelling and impending storms. I ran at my parents house and decided to run 4K loops in an area that was close by. I managed to get two full laps in before the dark storm clouds started really coming in. I could see the clouds building the entire time (one of the reasons I was running loops) and during my second 4K loop, they were heading in my direction. I wanted to switch up my route so that I was no more than 500m away from my parents, so I ran in my neighbourhood. But, 1K into that new route, the clouds were right over me and it started to sprinkle. So I packed it in at 10K. I was supposed to do 12K, but I did run for 1:15, which is longer than last week. When I made it upstairs to shower, I could see lightning and thunder. So I made it home just in time. I am not hardcore and do not run in thunderstorms. Rain – not a problem, but lightning is a no-go, especially when the storm is coming in my direction. Running the long run was no big deal – I ran it very slowly and took a water break after the 4K loops as it was mighty warm out. I focused on my running form, making sure I wasn’t over-striding and also not moving my hips around too much. I do have to say that when I corrected my form, I felt better!

This week is shaping up to be a busy week as I have another track meet this weekend and a bunch of other things on the go – plus, Max is home with us for the next two weeks. You can see on my plan, I have already scheduled runs around this weekend’s track meet, but it does look like I can get some 5-6K runs in during “free time”. It is scheduling that darn LR in that will be the trickier issue. But at least the temperatures are cool this week!

Have a fabulous Monday!

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Five Things Friday

Happy Friday!


I missed Thinking Out Loud Thursday yesterday as it was a big work day and I just didn’t have the time to either write a post or read any. But I’m stalled right now waiting for people – so I have time for a 5 Things Friday!


Thing #1 – McDonalds Office


I’m currently working out of McD’s because my stupid internet is busted. We have a technician in to do a few changes and now magically the internet isn’t working. I had a conference call scheduled for 10:30, so I had to book it to the closest free internet place – which is McDonalds. I had a latte. Of course, I sit down and see that the conference call is an hour delayed. I will spare you the choice words I uttered when I saw that. We all love waiting, right? There are some other  work issues too that just want me to be done with this stuff for a month.

photo (9)


Thing #2 – Road ID!

If you follow me on twitter and also participate in #RunChat – you would have seen that I won a giftcard to RoadID. I already have one – so instead of buying another, I bought some accessories instead. I bought two pairs of socks (much needed) and a few of those band decoration/charm things to put alongside your ID. I bought a 5K, 21.1K, Boston Strong and I Love NY one to put on my band.

photo 1 (26)


photo 2 (25)


#3 New Shoes – New Running

I went for a 3K run yesterday to test out the new running suggestions I was given from my Physio therapist and the new minimalist shoes I bought. It was differently different running in a new way. A bit harder, but I noticed that my calves were not aching at all nor were they ever really tense. Let’s hope this trend continues!

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Thing #4 – Some Cool Apps

I went and downloaded a few new apps to my phone the other day. One that is really neat and helped me with some school stuff was CamScanner – you can take pictures of documents and it creates a PDF. I had to scan 50+ documents and upload them onto my course. Using CamScanner made it super easy and quick to get it down. I also downloaded Songza and have been enjoying the streaming music – although it plays that Michael Jackson song way too much! My athletes like the 7 minute workout app that I have with some basic circuit drills.

Thing #5 – New Internet/Cable Box

We called our local cable company and switched our home phone from one big company to the other. Because we now have our phone with the cable company, they gave us a better deal on our internet and cable and we pay the same amount. We now have faster internet and more bandwidth – plus we are joining the 21st century and now have a PVR. Sweet!


Have a great weekend!


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Running Assessment

This morning I went for my running assessment at a physiotherapy office in Kanata. The PT was referred to me by my GP who went to a “Running Injuries” clinic and heard that this PT was the one to go to for runners. It was kind of annoying to go all the way to Kanata (which is on the other side of the city), but traffic was bad at all. We found out a couple of items about my running that could be causing my shin splint issue – especially as I go higher up in mileage. A few things I already had a hunch about, but a few were new.

The Running assessment consisted of the following

- Discussion about running history, anything about injuries, and what I had been doing so far

- Examination of my running shoes to look over tread patterns

- Strength, balance and flexibility tests

- Quick exam of my leg muscles

- Video recording of running on a treadmill at a comfortable pace (at an 11 minute mile – which is my talking pace)


From the assessment we discovered:


1) My cadence count is too low. I was clocked at 153 steps per minute – I should be at around 170. Meaning, my stride is a bit too long – hence why my calves are feeling like the do.

2) As predicted, my legs are all over the place. My arms, back and overall stance is fine – but my legs basically cross over each other and wobble all over the place – forcing me to compensate to not fall down.I also have barely any push-off

3) Overall weakness in the core and glute muscles, causing a variety of issues – including leaning to the side and the push off problem.


After the assessment, I was shown the video and we went through a variety of running form issues to work through. Biggest step right now is to work on my cadence, work on running with my feet apart (which feels really weird – but I can feel my core better engaged) and some strengthening exercises. My PT also said I don’t need the heavy stability shoes – and I could work with minimalist shoes. I went to Sports 4 (best running gear store in Ottawa) – and picked up last year’s (and now retired) Mizuno Wave Musha shoes for my shorter distance runs.

It was great to have someone else look at my running style. Everything she was talking about I understood because I pretty much tell my track athletes the same thing. It is just hard to comment on my own running when I cannot see what I’m doing. The cost of the running assessment was $140 – I should be able to have this covered by my insurance as it was a referral from my GP. If you are from Ottawa and would like the name of the physio therapist, just write me an email!




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