31 10, 2014

Off to NYC!

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Hi All

After I finish teaching in the AM – we are off to NYC! Yay! Long car ride ahead though……


I will have sporadic internet access for the next few days as when I go to America-land, I cannot use my data on my phone. I do have internet access at the hotel – but the hotel in Manhattan only has internets in the lobby. Actually, doing some internet browsing last night – I discovered that the hotel prices had dropped dramatically and we are now staying in Manhattan until Monday. The price comes out to exactly what I would pay to head back to NJ on Sunday. SO – this means no dragging stuff downstairs, an ice bath as soon as I can, no rush on dinner and being able to relax a bit more on Sunday. The hotel has free wifi too! Woohoo! We are also way closer to Penn Station and the Expo now :-). I should be able to post a “OMG I did it!” post on Sunday night. Race Recap will not happen for a few days :-)

Bib Tracking:

If you are at all interested in tracking me – my bib # is 52436

There is an app available to track runners – available at the App store. Reminder that I am not speedy speedster and will likely take 5 hours to complete the marathon and that I’m in Wave 3 and not starting til 10:30. Live stream of the race is available and makes for an exciting morning as the elites are just amazing.

Are you running NYC too?

I am on the 7:45 Ferry and on “Team Green” – maybe I will see you there?  I will be [...]

30 10, 2014

Thinking Out Loud Thursday: NYC Marathon Goals

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Linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons – Thinking out Loud Thursday!



I leave for NYC tomorrow afternoon – looking forward to the 7-ish hour drive through NY State tomorrow – woohoo?  I even downloaded some Bubble Guppies, Curious George and Little Einsteins for Max’s viewing pleasure as he tends to get tired of the car at the 4 hour mark. I am home early today as I already finished my class and now have til 4pm to get things ready – then it is off to my last outdoor track practice of the year! I shall be relaxing by watching some Parenthood and Big Bang Theory!

So what are my thoughts on my NYC Marathon Goals?

Honestly – I have one goal:

To Finish




LOL – this bridge….

There isn’t much to it, really. The first marathon is a test race. I don’t really know what to expect as my training plan stopped at 32K long run – so who knows how my body will react to an additional 10K. Long runs are done at a very slow pace, so I also don’t know exactly how fast I can run on marathon day. My official prediction if all my aches and pains are just due to tapering (which btw are barely there today) is 4:55. I have only run a 2:15 half marathon and when predicting a marathon time, you don’t just multiple that number by two. I am adding them together and adding another 25 minutes. If I run the marathon like my long runs – [...]

29 10, 2014

Fun on Election Day

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As mentioned on Monday’s post – it was municipal election day in Ontario on Monday. Back when the campaign season was just starting, I signed up to volunteer with Jim Watson’s team. Unfortunately, I was only able to get to the first initial rally and not much else due to marathon training mostly, but it was also hard to get out on evenings when most of the canvassing was happening. But on election day, I happened to have lots of free time to help out.

On election day, Jim Watson’s team was spread out through the city – with several different headquarters. I laughed at another candidates tweet that Jim’s headquarters looked “quiet” – because most of us were out??  The objective of Monday was to remind people to vote because municipal elections tend to have low voter turnout. Unfortunately only 40% of Ottawa voted. In comparison, the 2011 Federal election had a 61% turnout (still too low). I had a long lunch on Monday, so I started out with two other members dropping off voting reminders at homes close to my work.

After about an hour, I had to return to work for a bit, but I did return to pick up another package of flyers. I ended up choosing my own polling station area and had a former student from my school help out. Since the Orleans HQ was 5 minutes away from Max’s daycare, we picked up Max too – so that I didn’t have to drive all the way back. We dropped off flyers for two straight hours, using my car – and we probably only got half of the area finished. It was harder than I thought! At 6pm, with two hours [...]

28 10, 2014

Race Week!

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I have zero attention span this week – why? Because it is race week and I’m going slightly crazy!

The marathon is not until Sunday, but we are leaving for NYC on Friday afternoon. The plan is to leave around noon and hopefully make it to Newark around 7:30-8pm. It can take anywhere from 6.5 hours to 7ish hours to get to Newark from Ottawa – maybe a bit more because of pit stops. I’m hoping just one pit-stop. This time I need to be more organized and have snacks in the car.

I’ve spent a bit of time this morning printing off Hotel information, subway directions for P and Max and other assorted documents. I have no idea what is really going to happen on Saturday because right now the forecast is calling for buckets of rain – so I think the Central Park Zoo is out. I am supposed to stay off my feet as much as possible – but it is really hard to do that in NYC! Apparently backpacks are not allowed in the expo – so I have to probably go all the way to our Manhattan hotel first to drop those off then go to the expo – or P and Max can just wait outside.

I have started to pack my things up – race gear that I know I won’t need until race day. Right now it looks like it will be about 10C and sunny for Sunday. I hope it stays like that! I’m not 100% sure what my running top will be – but I will probably pack both options.

Of course all of this babble and planning talk is just masking the race week anxiety that seems to [...]

27 10, 2014

10 Reasons why I like Jim Watson

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Today is Municipal election day in Ontario – cities across the province are voting for their next city councillors, Mayors and School Trustees. The municipal elections are different from the Provincial and Federal elections because we have to vote for a number of positions – not just the one representative for our electoral district (ex. we don’t vote for the Prime Minister). It is an exciting political day for many cities, not just Ottawa. In Mississauga, they will be voting for a new Mayor for the first time in over 30 years because Mayor Hazel (who is 93 by the way) is retiring. She has been Mayor since the city was created. In Toronto, well – we will see what happens there. Rob Ford is no longer running for Mayor, but his brother is. Should be some interesting results! Here in Ottawa, I believe that the race for Mayor will be a fairly easy one. Although some people do not agree with Jim Watson’s politics (I’m not sure any Mayor will ever get 100% support), he is a pretty popular Mayor. So for today – 10 things I like about Jim Watson


#10 – He spends time in his city

Mayor Jim Watson’s schedule is jam-packed with events, BBQ’s, fundraisers and anything else you could think a Mayor would be invited to. I am pretty sure that he tries to squeeze in as many events as possible. He will let people know where he is going via his Twitter account. A few years ago, Mayor Jim came and visited the robotics team during build season. The kids (and adults) thought that was pretty cool. There are some rumours floating around that there are multiple “Jim’s” because [...]