21 10, 2014

Rochester Road Trip

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In what seems like another practice run before traveling to NYC – we took a little road trip to Rochester, NY this past weekend. It wasn’t all for fun as we had a robotics tournament to go to. But – I still was able to do all my “American Things” and spend some $. We left Kanata fairly late in the afternoon on Friday at around 4:30pm. I am very glad that we are traveling the bulk of the Ottawa-New Jersey trip in the daytime as driving at night just isn’t my cup of tea. We should be leaving Ottawa at noon, leaving a good 6 hours of daylight travel time – which is most of the trip. Anyways, we strolled into Rochester just before 10:30pm. We settling into the hotel, with Max taking a whole queen-sized bed to himself.

The next morning, P left early for robots and Max and I had a hotel adventure. We had a crappy hotel breakfast and watched Full House and Spongebob. P picked us up just before noon and we went to the robotics tournament for a bit. Of course, it being lunch time, Max and I quickly left for the Cheesecake Factory. Luckily, I am familiar with Rochester, so I quickly got us to the restaurant with no issues. Max had chicken fingers and fruit, while I had fish tacos! I ordered a pumpkin cheesecake to go.





The location of the Cheesecake Factory was also right [...]

20 10, 2014

NYC Marathon Training: Week 14

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Hi Folks!


This is definitely one of my shorter training recaps.  Week 14 represents the first week of taper – and taper I did. I have been having some issues with my knees/IT band – and don’t want to irritate it any farther – so I’m doing limited runs and just taking it easy. The work is done – it is time to get ready to run 42.2km! I do think that the main issue is it is time to switch out my Wave Inspires – my legs tell me when it is time to switch shoes and it is definitely time – so, I did! I’ve logged more KM on my blue Wave Inspires than any other shoe I’ve owned before. I also had some major time issues this week that made it very hard to get my 20K run in – so it didn’t happen – but the general plan for this afternoon is to “long run” until I run out of time (I have XC practice today as well). The only free time I had was early in the week and coming off a 32K long run, a 20K run is just not good too soon. I don’t think it matters much.

Week 14 of Marathon Training


Monday – Off!  Spent 4+ hours in the car instead

Tuesday – 10K in 1:06

I went out a bit too fast for this run. I survived, but I could definitely tell that my legs were tired from the weekend. I ended up taking it easy for the last two KM. It was a nice day on Tuesday and was probably the last day [...]

17 10, 2014

Good Luck #STWM Runners!!

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This weekend is the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon – and a big day for many of my running friends!

Good Luck to everyone running this weekend – including:













and LANNI!!

Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone – if I did – comment! (I wrote this at 6am)

16 10, 2014

Thinking Out Loud Thursday #18

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Happy Thursday! Another Thursday link-up with Amanda at Running with Spoons

#1 Haircut

My hair is fairly long right now – it took years to grow out the bob style haircut I have had since 2008. But – I’m not sure long hair suits me. So, I am thinking that when the marathon is over about cutting off my hair. My hair damages easily and looks limp most of the time. Plus, I have no clue on how to style my hair. I think that my hair looked healthier when it was shorter. I also might just get another trim and see how it goes


Short hair in 2009

#Rain and Humidity

Last week I wore capri’s and gloves while running – on Tuesday I ran in short shorts and a tank top. It was 20C but it felt like 30C. Definitely not seasonal! Only Tuesday was slightly sunny out – Wednesday featured rain and more rain is forecast for Thursday. Figures that I have outdoor track practice this week too. We were supposed to be in our indoor location by now, but we are delayed due to some maintenance at the facility we use. Darn! I think rubber boots may be in order.

#3 Cast member in a show

If you could be a cast member on a TV show – which one would it be?  I would have to pick Modern Family because the show is just so silly. The cast looks like they legitimately have fun while filming the show. It seems like it would be [...]

15 10, 2014

Turkey Leftovers

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When of the side effects of Thanksgiving dinner is the large amount of turkey leftovers from the meal. I am thinking that because there is so many other things to eat on Thanksgiving (stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce…) that we don’t eat that much turkey. Since it is a bigger bird, there tends to be lots of leftovers. Truthfully, I don’t mind the leftovers because it makes meal planning for the week that much easier.

I tend to eat turkey about four more times during the week of Thanksgiving. My go-to meals are turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey pot pie and turkey with pasta. But the one dish I enjoy the post is an open-faced hot turkey sandwich. You just don’t put turkey and gravy on white bread and call it a day – you have to dress up the sandwich a bit.

My ultimate Open Faced Turkey Sandwich


1) Get a slice of white bread and add a layer of mayo

2) Place your assorted turkey on top of the sandwich

3) Place a generous helping of stuffing on top. If you have run out of stuffing it is easy to make some more. Just get some stale bread – heat in a pan with sherry, celery, onions and pecans for a few minutes. During the last minute or two, add a few tablespoons of chicken/turkey broth and a slab of butter. Put the mixture in the oven for about 10 minutes at 375 and boom – instant stuffing.

4) Smother the whole thing with gravy

5) Top with a slice of cranberry sauce and if you feel like some vegetables – add [...]