Thinking out Loud Thursday

A little bit of a different post for Thursday than Three Things Thursday. Amanda over at Running with Spoons started a Thursdays are for Thinking out Loud post trend, and I figured I would jump on the bandwagon




1. One of my admin bosses sent the Careers studies teachers a news article about how someone was fired for dressing so casual that it embarrassed Canadians when he was on a CNN news bit. Office dress code has been debated quite a bit. The school I work at now is a bit more on the dressy side of things, while my previous schools were more relaxed. I believe that everyone should be dressing nicely for work – but I do not see a problem if I wear dark jeans with boots on a non-Friday. Plus – I’m sure everyone noticed that Steve Jobs always wore that black shirt and jeans to work each day – it was his uniform!


2. Track is moving outside!!!

We are on our last couple of weeks in the indoor dome for track – then we move outside. Thank goodness! I work only 15 minutes from the track, so I am rather excited to be close to the track so I can get some quality runs in before 5:30 practice. I’m definitely going to try and get my long runs in on Tuesdays.


3. Watches – I do not wear a watch regularly. Actually the only two watches I own are both sports (standard Timex sports watch and my Garmin watch). I do however like the newest trend in woman’s watches which are those nice rose-gold ones. If I had over $200 to spend – I would buy a Michael Kors Rose Golden watch.

4. I was recently given a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini to try because of the We Day event I went to. After trying it out for a couple weeks, I can definitely say I am still Team iPhone. Maybe the full size Galaxy phones might be a bit better, but I just do not see me buying an Android device over an iPhone.

photo 1 (12)

5. I wonder when I am going to receive my final grade for my last online course that I completed. Normally this professor is speedy with getting our assignments graded, but it has been two weeks and nothing. My paper wasn’t the most impressive paper that I’ve ever written, but I am on the brink of getting an A+ in the course, so for obvious reasons, I am quite curious

6. I love avocados and recently put avocado on my homemade pizza. It was delicious

7. Boston Marathon Monday is coming up. I am hoping the incident that happened a couple nights ago is the only one to happen – otherwise I hope everyone has an amazing time. My friend is running again – so I plan on cheering her on again this year. Since it is Easter Monday, I am not working that day *But* I will be taking Max to an Easter Event so I am unsure whether I will catch any of the live stream this year. One day I would like to run Boston, one day. I also have to see if I even like the marathon distance first ;-)

photo 2

8. One thing I really look forward to on Thursdays is TV night. I watch Grey’s Anatomy, Big Bang Theory and Parenthood. Parenthood’s season finale is tonight, so I am a bit disappointed with that, BUT they had a full 22-episode season so that was nice (the show normally ends in February). Thursday is pretty much the only night I watch more than one program. Last night I did not even turn the TV on

Alright, that is it for today! Have a great Thursday!


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A long day

Yay Wednesday!

I do not do any of those “what I ate Wednesday” blog posts. You probably really don’t want to know what I do eat – I did just eat a handful of white chocolate M&M’s and have a bag of potato chips at the ready for lunch (along with homemade pizza). That reason, and the fact that I really suck at taking food pictures.

Anyways  - I have a longer work day today as I am scheduled to cover another teacher’s class this afternoon. As I mentioned in my last “Day in the life” post, I only teach part time. I teach two periods, have one period as a prep, and then the last period is “free”. Because I teach periods 2 and 4 on odd number days and 1 and 3 on even days, I either show up later or go home early. Today is a ‘go home early’ day and I have an on-call now. So that means I am here for the entire day. Technically I have period 2 off – but I have to supervise a test at lunch and I do not have much time to go anywhere. I left the house at 7:15 and won’t be back til 5pm – which I am well aware is a ‘normal day’ for most of you – but again, I’m part-time. Pretty annoying – especially since there is a track meet today that I was hoping to go for. So instead I have been sitting here chillaxing on the internet and writing this blog post. Postive note – this is my last on-call, so it won’t happen again.


Last night I managed to get to track early enough to run a quick speed workout. I did 8x200m (with a warm up and cool down). I forgot to bring my compression capri pants, so lucky for me I had an emergency pair of shorts in my track bag. The shorts were my LuLuLemon reverse groove shorts that just send to ride up when I run faster. I had to pull down my shorts too many times. I think some shorts shopping is in order soon as my other Lululemon shorts (groovy run) are now a size too big and tend to fall down – yikes! The 8×200 were fine. Nice and short, but fast. I also left my watch on the kitchen counter so I had no idea how fast I was running but considering I hit :40 bang on most days, I’m pretty sure that is where I was at. Speaking of running gear – I need to pick up a pair of sunglasses as this happened:

photo 1 (11)

Thanks Max! Although I was never really happy with this pair. Any recommendations?

I’m not sure when the next run will be. I may try and go out tonight for a quick run as tomorrow we are busy and this weekend is a bit hectic with travelling/Easter. The temperatures are supposed to go back to usual Spring levels this weekend – but with some showers. Got to love Spring Running, right? But look – almost no more snow!

photo 2 (10)

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‘Cause you’re hot then you’re cold..

Happy Monday!

I have finally finished report cards and all the final papers – thank goodness! I am also only teaching one class (but twice a day), so hopefully I have more time now. Yeah right.

Today was a nice warm day in Ottawa with the temperature going over 20C. But the temperature came with a catch as it was forecast to rain and thunderstorm starting in the afternoon. I was hoping that the rain would stay away until I got home from work so I could run a 5K. When 2pm arrived, I saw that I had a couple of hours before the rain arrived, so I booked it home and got ready for my run. Big difference in getting ready today as I only needed a hat, tank top and shorts! Wasn’t it just last week that I was in winter gear? The only bad thing about the weather was the wind. It was absolutely crazy windy out there. Although I was sheltered a bit from the wind for the first 1.5K, when I hit the Ottawa River Path, the wind intensified and I felt like I had a parachute attached to me. It was awful. I did plan on sticking with a 6:00/km pace and I struggled with that at some points. Other than KM 4 where I took a short walking break after battling wind head on for a KM, I hovered at the 6:00 mark (which I will mention why I wanted to be there below). Not an easy run for sure! The rain didn’t start until 5pm – Max wanted to play outside in the rain and I let him for a bit. I came home at hot and sweaty – then laughed because tomorrow we are dropping down to a balmy high of -3C with the chance of ice pellets, freezing rain, rain and snow (yes this is what the forecast is calling – an “all of the above” forecast)

So the reason why I am hovering at 6:00 is that 1) I believe it is the pace I will be going for the Ottawa Race Weekend and 2) I am a pace bunny for the upcoming Manotick Miler in the 5 mile race. I will be pacing the 48:00 group which means I will be holding a 6:00 or so pace. A little bit more race anxiety comes from being a pace bunny – but I rarely hit race pace in training runs for any race and I know that I hit around 50:00 during a training 8K run anyways. Now if it is a windy day like today – eek!

I also think it is time for new shoes. As soon as I start feeling little aches and pains, it means my shoes need replacing. I tend to have to buy two pairs a year and I think I have had my current pair since last summer. I just don’t have the $100+ dollars for a new pair of shoes during this month. Maybe in May!

What races are you running in the near future?

How do you tackle running in bad weather?

How often do you replace your shoes?



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