August 31st, 2011


So we have had an animal dig holes around our backyard shed and (more alarming) underneath the steps into the house.  Paul has been on a rampage trying to prevent said critter from digging around.  We know it is a gopher due to the lack of smell and we have seen it emerge from a whole.  Paul fixed up the area around the shed by hammering a cage around the shed using those steel poles (starts with an R, can’t remember the word).  He then set up a standard animal trap.  Of course the first night he doesn’t secure the rest of the backyard by leaving the fence (which had to be opened to get around the side) wide open. I said “um, hello? Anything can just walk into the backyard and go for the cantaloupe!”.  The animals that we have around are raccoons, skunks, snakes, bunnies and of course tons of cats. First night we didn’t catch anything and we fixed the fence.  The fence is a piece of shit so any small animal can still get in.  But last night as we were watching “The Truman Show” we heard the cage close.  What did we catch?  A skunk of course.  It looks like he just scurried under the stupid wire fence.  Stupid thing actually tried digging around the cage to get at the cantaloupe without going in it….but for whatever reason he/she though “oh hell with it, I want the cantaloupe!”.  Paul suited up and went out with a giant garbage bag to cover the cage.  Skunky sprayed when he saw Paul coming, but didn’t spray again. Paul gets the cage opened, but the stupid thing didn’t want to come out.  Paul had to shake the cage to encourage the animal to leave the cage and go find food somewhere else.  Needless to say Mr. Gopher ignored the cage and said cage is now sitting by the car waiting for me to drop if back off at the rental place.


The Liberal Party of Ontario has announced as part of their election platform that they want to make Teachers College in Ontario 2 years long.  This is not the issue!  Teachers College was a complete waste of time and was so easy that I achieved an A average without even trying.  In Ottawa, I have yet to get any contract lines at all and I am entering my 3rd year in this board.  There is nothing I can do but sit and wait.  The newest batch of graduates have barely even been able to get supply work.  So do you think that by making people spend 2 years in college which comes along with at least $14,000+ in tuition will solve the problem? Absolutely not.  What would be better is longer time during that one year program with longer practicums and less stupid classes that teach you nothing.  Do you think that TC taught me so much if I just recycled all of my notes?



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