Monday August 15th

Back from a week of camping, shopping in the U.S. and a wedding.  I didn’t have internet access for the camping portion of our week away.  It appears that not much went on during that time 🙂  We went to Bon Echo Provincial Park and camped out for 4 days.  Our friend came up for the last two days. Camping was ok.  Going car-camping isn’t my exact definition of camping.  You are surrounded by people, there are working toilets and showers, and it can be quite loud.  One of our neighbours were in to the whole marijuana thing and smoked up 3-4 times a day which was annoying, but amusing at the same time.  Our campsite was a bit more private this time which made the experience a bit better.  We didn’t see much wildlife other than raccoons, chipmunks and birds. I think I see more wildlife here in my backyard. Weather sucked.  It was nice and cool, but little to no sun. I only went swimming once.

After camping we headed to Rochester, New York.  Paul had a robotics workshop on Saturday, and my plan was to go to the Waterloo outlets. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner on Friday.  Let me say that I was certainly glad I wore my stretchy pants!  We ate so much food. I was surprised that our bill was so low, but I had to remember that you are not taxed to hell and that entree prices are significantly cheaper than in Canada.  Waterloo outlets was ok.  I only went in Children’s clothing stores.  I bought as much gender neutral stuff as I could.  I think I came out with about 15 or so outfits for under $150. I went to Target afterwards to stock up on some toiletries as they are cheaper in the States as well.  The drive to Rochester was B-O-R-I-N-G and slow. Considering that Rochester is basically on the other side of Lake Ontario from the Coburg area, it took us the same amount of time that it takes to get to Mississauga (about the same KM too)….going around the lake sucks!

After that we headed home as we had a wedding to go to on the Sunday.  Our friends were to be married at the Bean Town Ranch just east of Ottawa.  The wedding was fun.  After dinner was a great first dance complete with fireworks, twinkle lights and a bit of distance lightning for added effect.  Then the music started and it was pretty fun after that.  The DJ did a great job and played most of my requests much to the amusement of the people who saw me make my 15 song list. We left a tad bit early because my back was on fire at that point and I didn’t want to drive back in the dark at midnight. Overall it was a fun wedding.  We have our next wedding in a month in Waterloo….which will be my last car ride until baby is out!


Finally got my tax return!  In the nick of time too.  I managed to pay my August bills, pay off our mini-vacation and make a dent in my Mastercard bill (my only remaining debt).  Now I need to focus on getting some work during the first week of school.  If I don’t work at all, I am not going to see a pay cheque until October 7th.  I have savings to pay my bills that are due at the end of September, but I would rather not do that.  I also have little to no spending money until at least Sept. 23rd (again, if I work) which is a month away. Even if I had a position that covered a Mat leave, I wouldn’t see any money until then.  I did teach summer school, but I gave that entire pay to the lovely folks over at OSAP.  Not having to worry about OSAP is a big relief and one less bill to pay.  Some teachers do file for unemployment insurance, but I can’t this year because my due date is too soon in order to accumulate another 600 hrs.  Now I want to try and concentrate on possibly finding a fulltime job until mid-November or at least booking some supply days.


We came home to discover that the baby robins have grown up and flown away with Mom and Dad Robin.  Makes me sad 🙁  I hoped to see them fly.  I’m on the look for them, but they might have already started their migration by now/joined the rest of the robins somewhere. Hope the Bert the Bird is safe


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