Sunday, August 21st

Nothing like a rainy, crappy day to get things done!  A day like today reminds me that Fall is coming…..

Project “Summer Reno 2011″ is still making good progress.  In the past couple of days we have accomplished the following:

– Baby’s room painted, new curtains put up, furniture moved in

– My office/the guest room.  Office portion completely changed.  Desk went against the wall and space has been left for P to put his computer up here eventually.  Extra shelf put in, two previous shelves completely re-organized.  Plan is to have one big shelf for my ‘easy reach’ stuff and one for P for his ‘easy reach’ stuff, while the remainder goes into the basement. The office looks SO GOOD.

– Living room/entrance way/dining room touched up in terms of painting.  Hallway needed to be completely done.

– Upstairs closets reorganized.


What we have left to do is a slightly bigger job: The kitchen.  Cabinets are being painted and new countertop being put it.  Painting will be done by this week. All renos completed or not will be stopped as of next weekend. P needs to go back into school mode a week Monday. The baby’s room is pretty much completed.  We will be doing an Ikea run when my parents are here as we still need the crib mattress and I would like to purchase a small bookshelf of some sort.

Fall maternity clothes should be coming out soon….I need some pants! I literally have no full length pants other than yoga pants that will fit.


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  1. Weebsurfer

    I hear ya on the friends thing. Like when we went to NS, nobody seems to want to take the time to get together. I’m debating writing a rant on some similar pet peeves. I may write and decide to post later 😉

  2. rebeccaw7

    My rant was much longer, but I pressed the ‘delete’ button. 😀 This type of thing has been going on for 14 years with this group… I’m not entirely surprised.

    I think I need to write a whole entry just on my pet peeves, I have a few quirky ones.


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