Sunday, August 28th

A cloudy, gloomy day….thanks Hurricane Irene!  No rain yet, but one of the outer bands looks like it may dump some rain on Ottawa in a few hours.  Should hurry up and make it to the farm to get groceries soon…

In terms of Irene, I have no idea why they are calling it the “Storm of the Century” in the media.  It makes no sense.  Irene is no where near a Katrina or an Andrew.  Right now it is over NYC and is barely holding on to hurricane status.  Yes, there will be lots of rain and wind but not the destruction that happens with bigger storms.  The power might go out?  Well, no shit.  It is not a “killer storm” that New York Post currently has as its headline.  The main part of the storm is over NYC as I write and it weakening.  Very rainy day in NYC for sure!



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  1. My "Sophisticated" Life

    I can’t figure out how to subscribe to this! You’re so right…it wasn’t nearly as bad as we were prepared for. A little scary overnight, but nothing compared to what others have experienced.

  2. rebeccaw7

    I think you have to click follow? I’m not too sure, I just have your blog and a few others as a favorite on my computer 🙂

    I just watched some TV news clips and there are people walking around Times Square with umbrellas and they don’t seem to be struggling with them. It is definitely going to be a wet day and the potential for flooding is still there but it is not like NYC is going to be destroyed like New Orleans with Katrina. I think the media just over-hyped the storm and made people more scared than they needed to be. I’m glad that the storm eased off. If the storm was at a category 3, then the situation would be very different. It seems that NYC and the surrounding areas were well prepared but just a tad bit over prepared, but that is probably better 🙂 Now everyone can say they survived two natural disasters in a week!

  3. kristen (inspiredbydooce)

    I have family all through Vermont and I guess it is the worst flooding they’ve had since the 1920s or 30s. So while the hurricane part was not an Andrew or Katrina, the rain was really bad in other parts 🙁 So I’m very glad the doomsday folks were a little overzealous but very sad for Vermont. I love it there.

    I hope the interview went well! And now you have me very excited about going to the Clocktower next time I’m in Ottawa. I hope they’re not out of their Pumpkin! (though the bytown brown will make me happy if I’m too late for pumpkin)

    1. rebeccaw7

      Did they receive sufficient warning and preparation? With the size of this storm and the fact that it was moving slowly it is no wonder that flooding is happening.

      The interview went well, but now it is a waiting game. You never know with teaching interviews as it is so hard to be unique. They usually have the pumpkin ale until November! Depends on how fast everyone drinks it hehe 😉

      1. kristen (inspiredbydooce)

        Luckily the state was on high alert. People were being told to stay home or to seek higher ground if they were really close to water ways. So while the flooding is really bad, at least most people were safe.


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