The Beginning

Hi There!

Who am I?  Well I am Rebecca, also known by my nickname: Bean.  I am a 28 year old Toronto native living in Ottawa, Ontario.  My profession is listed as “teacher”, however considering that I am not employed full time on a permanent basis, the school board does not consider me a “teacher”. I am hesitant to use the profession of “teacher” at this time as I will not be going back to a teaching position in the fall, but rather doing glorified paid babysitting, also known as occasional teaching/supply teaching.  I am married to another teacher and we are expecting our first child in late November/Early December.  Naturally, expect this blog to be a bit child-centered come December.


I have made the jump from Livejournal to WordPress.  Livejournal suffered a serious hacking job last week which meant it was down for more than one day.  Hacking makes me nervous, so I have decided to jump ship.  Wordpress looks a bit more streamlined  and more sophisticated.  I am keeping my LJ as some friends have not left yet, and I still want to read their entries.  Even one of my long-time internet buddies has left LJ, so I think the time is now to switch.


Baby Update #1

– I have not gained any weight yet.  However, I did lose 5 pounds right away (I attribute that to no more wine and beer) and have since gained those pounds back.  I have registered as gaining a few pounds at the Doctor’s office, but I am basically back at where I started at.  Apparently weight gain should be increasingly more steadily now. I am not too nervous about it, as many of my friends said that they did not gain much weight.  My Family Doctor has guessed that I will be a stick-figure with a big belly type of pregnancy, which I can believe.  I never gain any weight anywhere but in the tummy area.

– We did not find out the sex of the baby.  Paul really wants it to be a surprise, so I decided against finding out at the last moment.  Paul thinks it is a girl, I think it is a boy.  My cousin’s two year old said recently that he thinks it is a boy, so I am going with what he said.

– Giving up wine SUCKS.  My pop intake has gone up (I used to rarely drink pop).  It isn’t the same though.  I can do without liquor (which I rarely drink) and beer (causes the whole bloated feeling), but wine is a different story.  All I want is a nice Riesling…..


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  1. Slamdunk

    Congrats on your pregnancy and best wishes with your new blog.


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