Thursday, August 25th

Just doing a quick post while hubby is out mowing his parent’s lawn.  When he gets back it is pie time.  I was trying to figure out whether I like pie or cake best.  I think I do like pie a bit more than cake, mostly because of the fruit!  Yesterday was a friend’s birthday so we headed out to his house for a BBQ.  We purchased a Costco birthday cake before heading out. Some people at the party had never had a Costco cake before and were all “holy icing batman!”.  Costco cakes do not go easy on the icing.  But I like it!



Finally sold the table and chairs that I have been trying to sell on kijiji for a few weeks now.  I sold another set right away, but this one took some time!  Sold it to a nice girl who needed it for her place with her and her daughter.  Otherwise I was going to donate it to some place.  Kijiji has its good and bad parts.  I find that there are many products available for whatever you are looking for.  I wouldn’t buy certain things off kijiji, but there is lots I would buy. Kijiji is a good alternative to a standard garage sale, especially for big ticket items.  For little items, not so much.  I also hate when people do a mass inquiry for items and literally ask “is it available” to many listings.  What happens is that you get a ton of messages and most of the potential sales fall through.  There are some weird things for sale.  Today’s weird item: Breast milk……

I am probably going to buy a road bike for triathlons via kijiji.  Not really wanting to pay full price for one as I prefer my mountain bike/trail riding.  But mountain bikes + triathlons = slow mo



When I moved to Ottawa one of our first “together” purchases was a Simmons Beauty Rest mattress with that whole pillow top thing.  Now whenever I visit a friend and go on a regular spring mattress, I cannot sleep and my back hurts.  I really only like hotel beds now besides my own.  I think I spoiled myself with purchasing a super good mattress…..


Highway 17 in between Ottawa and Deep River has to be the absolutely worst road to be on during this summer.  No joke there is construction in Arnprior, Cobden, Pembroke, Petawawa and Renfrew.  I’m not talking side of the road construction or uneven pavement but down to one side of the road construction.  Makes an 1.5hr drive into almost 2.5 hours 🙁

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