Tuesday, August 23rd

Just came back from a glucose tolerance test.  Oh it was super fun….ok no it wasn’t.  I became very nausous and wanted to throw that putred orange drink up. But the lab was empty so I got it done fairly quickly (the test includes an hour of waiting time).  During my wait I noticed that people were commenting on an earthquake.  There was an earthquake in Virginia that was felt all the way up here in Ottawa.  I was driving through it, so I missed this one.



We bought a new stroller yesterday at the Stupidstore (Superstore).  The stroller we liked retailed for $299 and most stores are priced at that.  The Stupidstore had it on sale for $199.  Score!  However, when we got to the cash, it rang up as $133….super score!  Not bad for a travel system (stroller and infant car seat).


Jack Layton passed away yesterday morning.  There goes a politician that I really liked and was really looking forward to keeping up with in this year’s parliament session.  He had so much potential and it is so sad that we really never got to see what Jack could really do.  Cancer is a horrible, horrible disease.

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