Wednesday, August 17th

Went to the movies last night as it was cheap night.  We went to see “The Help”. It was a really good movie, although Paul did say it was a bit of a tear jerker.  There were a few of my students there and one of them was bawling her eyes out at the end.  I have read the book and the movie incorporated as much as it could in a 2.5 hour movie.  The biggest thing that I thought was left out (bit of a spoiler I guess) was Constantine, Skeeter’s maid was supposed to be mixed and her daughter was supposed to be so pale that the DAR ladies couldn’t tell that she was mixed.  The actresses who portrayed Constantine and her daughter were dark.  I thought that this should have been portrayed properly since this would have been a very big deal in the United States at this point in time.  Remember that it was illegal to be married to someone from a mixed race/have relations with someone from a mixed race.


Project: Move offices is of course going slowly. Paul is still upset that he has been moved downstairs.  I’ve told him a million times that if he made his space much smaller and bought a smaller desk that he could put his desk in our guest room, no problem.  I would then set up an area in the basement (we all know that I won’t be doing much come December). But he doesn’t want to lose his desk and he hasn’t purged much….so, off to the basement you go! I still don’t think that I will be able to fit my desk in the guest room.  Today I am going to concentrate on moving my office over as well as the double bed (my office is 1/2 my office and 1/2 a guest) over to the smaller of the 3 bedrooms in our house.  We can then start cleaning up the 2nd biggest room which will be the babies room.  We can also move certain items that we have bought/re-done that are for the baby including: crib, carseat/stroller, dresser, little chairs, etc.

Next after this: Kitchen Reno.  We are losing time though… starts way too soon



Anyways time to shower and start moving/cleaning….woo summer vacation!

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