Wednesday, August 3rd

It is not a bright and sunny day outside today.  I do not mind one bit.  I would appreciate some rain though! The plants and trees are showing the lack of rain this summer.  My plants are not doing well at all.  I water them often, but the direct sunlight all the time is killing them as well.  The random gopher we have in the neighborhood isn’t helping either since he ate a whole pile of my plants. I am glad the heat has gone away. Yesterday was the perfect summer temperature: 25 degrees.  We are heading for a few days of car camping next weekend (I can’t go anywhere isolated and I cannot portage which = car camping in a provincial park).  If the weather stays like this, it will be perfect!

Baby Stuff

We found a stroller we liked.  It is a Graco Alano Flip-it and ranges around $300 retail at a few locations.  Of course, you can get it in the U.S. for $200, but the car seat will not be approved for use in Canada.  That drove me nuts last night seeing the price difference, but whatever.  We are seeing a lady tonight who has a barely used stroller of the same make that we might purchase tonight for half the cost.  We are going for a basic stroller that still works well as we will be purchasing a Chariot Double stroller in the Spring next year which will be my outdoor-adventure stroller.  I do not plan on really taking many walks outside before the winter ends. If I do, I will be using a Moby wrap which is what my friend uses and she and the baby love it. Strollers + Ottawa winters do not mix! You can stroll with a baby right away in a Chariot, but not bike/run/hike until around 6 months. I am not going to spend more than $300 on a stroller that will not be used all that much after the baby grows out of the infant car seat (usually 6 months).  So if I can get a stroller that works well for $150….DONE.  Paul doesn’t really want to go used, but we will see the condition of this stroller.


Grilled Peaches with chicken = good tummy times.  I am not a big meat eater at all.  I struggle to finish a chicken breast by myself, but with the peaches I ate it right up!  You need to only BBQ the fruit for about 6 minutes and they turn into a nice side dish/sauce for your chicken.  I think it may taste good with pork chops as well.  Summertime is for cooking on the grill!


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