Friday, September 30th

Well goodbye September! You were a rather quick month! I have a feeling October will be even quicker with a long weekend, a few XCountry meets and more doctor’s appointments.

Total contrast in my job as a supply teacher: Yesterday I taught Gr 8/a period of autism/kindergarten recess. Today: Grade 11 and 12 English. Elementary is more active and you have to be on your toes a bit more (especially when a kinder takes a face plant at recess which resulted in screaming/tears). Secondary *can* be fun if it is at my old school where I actually get to teach. Otherwise it is a day like today where I teach a bit, but then just stare at them and make sure they are attempting to do their work. Offering to play “heads up 7 up” doesn’t work with grade 12’s 🙂

On Monday I am going to a downtown-ish school to input some Co-op paper work. Should be fun!


I am 31 weeks tomorrow…so the final countdown is here. Baby’s room has been cleaned up after last week’s baby shower. I did baby’s first (of many!) round of laundry. Thanks to kijiji, I scored a bassinet from a person down the street and it looks and works great. My friend from orchestra who has four kids has said that I can have all his babies thingys because he is having no more! Speaking of orchestra, baby decided to do some sort of scrapping motion against my tummy while playing the cello…I guess it interested him/her and it decided to try and figure out what all the noise/vibrations were about.



Thanksgiving is next weekend??? What?

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