Monday, September 26th

Once again it is Monday and I am pressing the refresh button on my web browser hoping to get some supply work today.  Last Monday was like this too. So far for this week I only have a half day on Friday. I have my bi-weekly doctors appointment tomorrow AM, so my best bets are for Wednesday and Thursday. If I get full days for those two days I am ok. The more I work, the better I feel and the more I can save. It is almost October and I hope to work as much as possible.



We had our baby shower on Saturday. It was a lot of fun! I saw some people I have not seen in awhile and it was nice to see them because I am now banned from long distance driving and will not be able to go back to Toronto until February. Some of my friends are planning to come up around the Christmas break time. Baby McD is very spoiled already. He/She has hand-made blankies and shoes (yes shoes, my cousin is a seamstress turned shoe-maker), some toys and loads of clothes already. Baby McD has already created a nice laundry pile for Mom! We also got one of those MEC Happy Trails backpacks so we can go hiking as soon as Baby is big enough to be able to sit in the pack. Paul was super excited about the pack and has already tried it on. After the baby shower, Paul, my parents and I went to this little italian place for dinner that is really hard to get into (because it is so tiny). The food is so good there!  They forgot to punch in our appetizer, so they gave us free gelato for dessert….soooo good!

I went to my friends baby shower yesterday and we were laughing about getting essentially the same gifts.

Prior to the baby shower weekend, we went to a wedding in Waterloo on the Friday. It was friends from the summer camp that Paul and I worked at. It was a fun wedding and it was great to see some old camp friends. They had one of those photo booths and that was just too funny.  It was a cash bar wedding with rose wine at the table for dinner, so I wasn’t too disappointed this time with not being able to drink. I was still offered champagne and wine and both times I just looked at my belly and said “umm, can’t?!?”. The wedding also had a candy bar (yum) and the thank you gift was caramel chocolates….yum!


I am 30 weeks pregnant now. We have chosen our four names and will decide when Baby is born (Max/Charles or Penelope/Elizabeth). Baby’s room is pretty much ready to go, but I still have to wash all the clothes and get going on setting up the diaper service (probably on the agenda for today). I still have to make a list of what needs to go into the hospital bag and double check that I have everything that I will need for the first bit (which I am pretty sure that I do). I am starting to get the pregnancy aches and pains. My pelvic girdle ligaments are being annoying, which means I need to step up and start doing yoga again. My hands also swelled up in the car yesterday too.

Some things to think about:

What will baby look like?  Baby will have a weird nose as both Paul and I have weird noses. Baby will have brown eyes. Baby hair colour is up for grabs: black (Paul), dirty blond (Me) or brown or red (P and I have bits of red in our hair).

What is my birth plan? Going to try and go natural. If I go into back labour than I will have an epidural. However, once you get an epidural you cannot eat. Considering that pain is minimized when you have an epidural, and labour can be very long, I am concerned with not being able to eat. I also do not want to be bed-ridden. I get through pain by walking it out. I have had major pain in that area before (ovarian cyst emergency surgery of 2008) so I think I can handle the pain until active labour at least.

Things that I am going to “try” to do/not do

– Baby will not be given a pacifier right away. If thumb sucking gets bad or if baby is a screamer, then we will see, but I don’t want the pacifier to be a need.

– I will be breast feeding exclusively and really hoping to keep that going.  I do not want to formula feed at all. Obviously sometimes breast feeding does not work due to insufficient milk/other breast problems, but then and only then will I consider formula.

– Both Paul and I are going to limit TV time when baby is around. My friends are saying that their babies are already paying too much attention to the TV. TV is not the devil by any means, we just don’t want screen lovin kids 🙂

– Both Paul and I will be speaking both French and English to the baby. Obviously my French skills are pretty basic, but I do know the alphabet, names for things around the house/food and general conversation. The ability to speak French is crucial for working in Ottawa. Baby will be going to French immersion when it is time for school and I am looking for a bilingual daycare. Thinking of this, I do need to get some French kiddie books

– We are cloth diapering for the most part with disposables when we are not at home. Apparently, according to my friends who are all cloth diapering (seems to be the trend) baby poopy accidents are contained in the diaper more often with cloth than disposables.


So, I’ve been pressing refresh and still not work for today 🙁

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  1. kristen (inspiredbydooce)

    You’re brave to post your names like that! I’d be scared of getting the “really? Penelope???” type comments (PS- I think your names are great)

    I’m glad you had a great weekend despite now the week starting off with no work.

  2. rebeccaw7

    I’m not too worried about posting names. I’m the next one in the family/friends circle with a due date coming up and we have already discussed our names so we don’t have anyone stealing each others name 🙂 Actually if I didn’t tell people, I wouldn’t have known the history behind the name ‘Elizabeth’. My Grandma 1 was named Elizabeth and Grandma II had the middle name Elizabeth. So naturally my family likes Elizabeth. Penelope would = Penny, which gets the response “Did you get that name from the Big Bang Theory??”….which is a no, we have liked that name for a long time, well before we found BBT 🙂


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