Friday, October 21st, 2011

Look at the date…October 21st!  September went by quickly and now October is almost over already!  I am “full term” in 3 weeks, which is kind of crazy.

This week was ok. I just worked my two previously scheduled days. But since they are full days, I am fine with that. Speaking of school, OFSAA is coming up. it is going to be great to be on the other side of things and help run the event. Apparently I am on the start line or something like that. Paul is going to be one of the bikers.  I have my “OFSAA-Team” from last year’s track coming to help marshall.  It is going to be fun! Let’s hope that it isn’t rainy or baby doesn’t decide to come out that day for me or my friend who coaches another team (our due days are 5 days apart).

I need to work on Baby’s room today. It is a mess!  I have some used toys that I got from a friend, and I really need to sort/clean and tidy the room. I also bought this organizer from Ikea to put baby’s things in.

It comes with boxes….I got two smaller ones and two big size boxes. It was pretty cheap as well…yay Ikea!


So last night I decided to make perogies because I realized that it was a pretty easy recipe to follow. I made about 70 of them before I quit as my legs were aching and it was time to watch Big Bang Theory.  When Paul came come it thought I looked funny with my apron and my big belly sticking out. He promptly ran upstairs to grab the camera to take a picture…..

I haven’t tried the perogies yet…hopefully they are yummy. I love perogies!

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