Monday October 17th, 2011

The Work

Another Monday, another short week (yay!).  Given that this week is a PD day week, I most likely will not be working today, which is ok because I have tons of things to do.  I also will have Friday off.  So far I am booked for full days for Wednesday and Thursday and have made double this pay period than I did last time, so I am ok.  If I work tomorrow (or maybe this afternoon) then it is a bonus!

The Weekend

We held our monthly Euchre tournament for the Robotics tournament. This time we made money! We had such a great turn-out that I actually had to run to the supermarket to grab more items to make sandwiches. My egg salad sandwiches went in about 10 minutes.  Apparently I must make more next time. The funniest thing was went these two twenty year olds showed up to play. You see, Euchre tends to be an ‘old persons game’ so when younger people show up we kind of question why they are there. But needless to say they had fun and will be back next time.

After Euchre we went to a friends house for dinner and to use their garage so Paul could fix his car (which is still not fixed yet…not sure of the problem). Yesterday was all about grocery shopping, batch cooking and cleaning.  We watched Amazing Race, a bit of Gene Simmons and went to bed early. I do have to say I am getting used to not having to do work on weekends (Paul still does though…)

I do have to say I really miss just chilling and drinking a bottle of wine. Obviously I have not had wine in 30-odd weeks and really I will not be drinking a bottle of wine any time soon.  The most I will get to do is nurse, drink a small glass of wine and then wait til the next feeding. This is especially true for the Christmas season as I plan on not introducing anything else for at least 6 weeks. *Sigh* I will be enjoying my Falkner Winery Riesling during Christmas though….it just might take me a week to get through. Rieslings do not go bad right?  It has been on my rack for over a year now.  I was saving it for when I paid off my student loans, but alas when that happened I was 6 months pregnant 🙂

Tech Stuff

I FINALLY upgrade to OS Lion. In order for me to do that I had to install new memory into my 2008 Macbook. Future Shop of course gave me the wrong kind, so off to Canada Computers I went and got the proper memory. When I installed the memory, holy baloney did my computer go psycho fast. It was like it was at warp speed, as I thought my Mac already went fast.  I can see why I needed the upgrade though as Lion does start up pretty slow (slow for a Mac, not PC-slow).  The new memory should allow me to use this Macbook for at least another year until it turns 5 and then bad things start to happen. It seems that people get about 5 years out of a Mac until the computers fall apart and it is cheaper to buy a new computer rather than try and fix it. As stated before, I will not be getting another laptop, but will go to the desktop iMac (or whatever they will be called in 2 years). My iPad makes it pointless to drag my Macbook anywhere, so why bother…plus hello giant screen!

Thoughts on OS Lion so far:

– Wish I had a proper trackpad to be able to use the gestures

– I like the full screen options. It will be very useful for when I make Keynote presentations as I should be able to finally see everything I am doing

– Really like the new calendar.  I have switched my Google Calender events to iCloud events and now instead of google sync, my events just go on to the iPhone and iPad through the new iCloud service.

– Because I am now all “Apple Happy” and have all three devices, I am going to try and use my Apple Apps like Mail, Contacts and Calendar more often. I used Mail previously, but stopped. I am in the process now of getting all the emails from gmail loaded and now have to clean that up a bit.

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