Monday, October 24th, 2011

A pretty chill weekend for me….to a point.  Saturday was a bit insane.  I had bagel run in the AM, which is an additional Saturday practice between a few of the east-end schools in which you get a delicious bagel at the end of your run. I had to learn the OFSAA course, so I went on my bike. This was the first bagel run/free Saturday morning I’ve had all school year so it was nice to get out! The course was incredibly muddy and I had some issues in one section in which I could barely get any speed. After that I had to head to the Museum of Science and Tech to drop off some robot stuff to P and a few students, headed home to make salsa and guacamole…then back to the Sci/Tech museum to pick up stuff.  We had to drive all the way to Kanata and on the way there we saw that once again construction on the 417 had made a giant traffic jam on the east-bound side….so Carling and the parkway it was. Of course as soon as we got downtown…..Zombie Walk!

We stopped in at Rideau to go to the Apple Store so Paul could try out the 4S.  He likes Siri (I swear it was made for him!) and has decided to get the 4S. The Apple girls face when Paul asked “Will this phone last me more than four years?” was pretty freaking funny.  He has been flip-flopping on the whole idea of the smart phone idea and whether he needed it.  But he does like to check his email on the go…and he likes to play with my iPhone.  I would like him to use more of the features of a Smart phone more often.  But he wants to find sometime that will last a long time…which I have explained that the way technology goes, something that was made 3-4 years ago doesn’t have the same features and cannot do anything. Example: My second generation iPod touch….it still worked, but the functionality of it was starting to go because it could no longer be updated to the current operating system.  It updated to iOS 4-whatever, but couldn’t do all the features…iOS 5 was not even offered.  It was 3 years old when I sold it….in fact I sold it for more than what my iPhone 4 cost, haha!  Paul and his friend had the “smart phone debate” and both Paul and I are still Apple-happy people. Androids can be alot of fun, but I have zero interest in messing with my phone “jail breaking styles” and neither does Paul. Anyhoo, he has to call his school board contact and see if he can add some features to the school-board plan…which in turn he will then call Bell and Telus to get counter-offers. Telus (our current provider) has a pretty good plan right now which is the one I selected.  He seems to think he will need more daytime minutes, even with 10-favorite ‘call anytime, anywhere in Canada’ numbers…so we will see!

On Saturday night we went to our friends house where there was a boy’s night (i.e. watch Hockey) and a girl’s night (i.e. play games and eat food).  They had a mini-baby shower for us where they gifted us with a Graco pack and play, receiving blankets and a baby-lotion/soap pack….yay! We also found out that our friend is pregnant too…which means “the gang” will have 3 babies in the group by April.


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