October 5, 2011

So October…..a little chilly so far, but that is to be expected.  It looks like this weekend’s weather is going to be great though!  I am with the CW kiddies for a X-Country meet on Friday and it will be perfect running conditions. I do like sweater weather, but I am not a fan of rainy days.

I worked Monday and Tuesday this week. Today it is appearing to be a slow day. But it is just 8am and last week a majority of the jobs that came up were not posted until mid-morning, so there is always a chance. Otherwise I have to head to Kanata to help out with the Robots kick-off BBQ and then to orchestra. Other than the sad bank account, I do not really care today.


So….iPhone 5?? Didn’t happen. Needless to say I am pretty disappointed. The 4GS is not enough of an improvement to justify the almost $300 expense of buying that phone (with a 3 year contract). I do not play super powerful games on my devices (I play scrabble and solitaire mostly) and the whole Siri thing does not appeal to me. I know of many people who were waiting for the iPhone 5 to make the jump from their previous phones (myself and Paul included). Paul has an ancient Palm Treo which is a stupidphone rather than a smart phone. I have a blackberry that I just do not like anymore. The battery life sucks, I hate the calendar function and the screen is way too small to browse the net. Paul seems fixated on the blackberry phones, but I am trying to advise him to probably go Android on his phone. For me, I think I am going to get the iPhone 4….save my money and wait for iPhone 5 or 6. Since I have the iPad, I really just need a better smart phone than the stupidberry. I try my electronics very well, so I am thinking the iPhone 4 will last me at least 2 years (which is essentially my breaking point in switching). I hate 3 year contracts, but what can you do?

Another big reason for me to switch now is I really can’t afford to pay for data for both my iPad and a phone. I do not use that much data (hello wireless everywhere!) and since I will be off work for a year, I won’t be using my 3G as much in school. Because wireless is pretty much everywhere I go, I really only use data in school (where the wireless is non-existent). So…solution = data sharing! If I need more data when I go back, I will get more data.

2 months to go…..and I think by mid-November I will want this baby out 🙂 You never really realize how much extra weight really effects you until you have 15 extra pounds on your front section.

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  1. kristen (inspiredbydooce)

    I have the iPhone 4 and I love it. But it is also my first smart phone…so I was bound to love it 🙂 The one thing I would appreciate about the 4S is the faster camera, but there are always “real” cameras for that.

    Hope you get good news on the work front. Come ON teachers- take a day off!

  2. rebeccaw7

    Ya, the updates they had just don’t justify the expense for me. The only pictures I take with my camera are ‘funny haha’ pictures. I have a Canon SLR for actual picture taking (which will probably get used heavily in about 8 weeks!).

    Unfortunately it is not just about teachers taking days off. In the Ottawa public board, we don’t call in daily supply teachers if the teacher is sick. We only call someone when we have a board ‘code’ or if the Principal says yes to something like last year when I coached Track and Field and was gone for 3 days for OFSAA. Elementary does call daily supply teachers and that is where I get my ‘day of’ work from. But nothing today 🙁 But honestly I haven’t really advertised myself other than to the Co-op teachers and to two schools (one being my previous school). With my time limited, I am just taking it as it comes….


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