October 6th, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

It is hard to imagine life without my i-somethings. I have been an iPod user since 2005, Macbook user since 2008 and now an iPad user as well. I think about the days when I had to lug around CD’s and a diskman and how much I hated it when it skipped.  Now my iPod keeps me company on running days and in the car. My Macbook is fantastic. I’ve had it for over 3 years and it still works exceptionally well. I do need to add some more memory to upgrade to Lion, but it still works great! I bought an iPad 2 the day it came out and now it is part of my ‘school bag’ and comes with me everywhere.  The iPhone will come one day, but not right now. I feel bad because yesterday I purchased a Nexus phone rather than the iPhone 4. I also sold my iPod touch today (I don’t need it and still have a Nano, which I use for running). But, Steve Jobs was a revolutionary figure who will be missed! It will be interesting to see the changes Apple takes from now on…


Yes, I went Android.  It was cheaper and does what I need it to do. It also pushes mail notifications (which apparently the iPhone doesn’t) which I have come VERY accustomed to with the Blackberry. It has a different style to it compared to the iPhone, but I am liking it so far.  I do have 2 weeks to try it out and I can switch to the iPhone if I want to.  However, I will probably switch to the ‘iPhone 5’ when it comes out in approximately a year (or maybe 6 months?? Who knows now!!). Since I am a heavy Google user (gmail, docs and calendar) I really like the fact that everything syncs so easily. I also really like the battery meter which shows you which parts of the phone use the most from your battery (hello Facebook app, why the shit are you using so much power?!?!?).

The only thing is I have an iPad. I will get to use what I think is ‘cool’ about iOS 5 and iCloud with my iPad ( I don’t give a crap about Siri). The only thing I am interested in is the notifications, and iMessage. All can be used with the iPad. Plus I get free texting anyways…..


The in-laws went for a trial run at a retirement home yesterday. They are enjoying it so far. Let’s hope that they continue to like it and can make a move!  They deserve to be pampered and waited on and not have to worry about grocery shopping, cleaning or whether to call 911 (yes, it is an issue).  My FIL just discovered that McDonalds is down the street (he loves their coffee and ice cream haha).



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