Thursday, October 13th

Today is going to be a busy day! I am working  a super full day at my usual school in the Math department….which essentially means sitting around alot (yay…). I know I have a class of rowdy grade 9’s who do not know me as well as the rest of the school, but it should be fine. I cannot teach math at all (unless it is financial or statistical math). I taught grade 11 math the other day and most of the class were my former students who decided it was hilarious that I was their math teacher for the day.  After school I am heading to Kanata to catch the Senators game tonight. Paul and I are not die-hard hockey fans, but going to games is fun (we just don’t watch games on TV or anything like that). Our seats appear to be really really good, possibly in the first row….or at least really close to it. I have never been that close before. But what a price difference between Ottawa and Toronto. The best seats in Ottawa are about $150, while in Toronto they are closer to $300 a seat! Crazy!


So…I traded in my Android for an iPhone 4. Yes I know 4S comes out tomorrow, but as stated before the upgrades on 4S is not worth the extra $$ it would cost to get a brand new 4S.  The iPhone 4 is currently $49 at Telus (same price as the Nexus).  Android had many positive features to it, but I am so used to the iOS system that I missed it. I also had some bug issues with the Android last week (my phone had a spazz attack) and I really don’t like the fact that it is recommended that you should have an anti-virus program on your phone….as a Mac user, I can’t stand that (anti-virus program, what??). So the plan is, to get the “iPhone whatever” for the next upgrade…which I think many people are doing if they have the iPhone 4. I believe that the next big upgrade for the iPhone series will be massive based on the sales of 4 and 4S. Some fans are diehards and will buy the newest whatever, but many many people who own a 4 are not going to upgrade. Sales on the 4 were still going strong over the summer and I’ve seen many people with a white iPhone 4 (which means they bought it over the summer).

In other tech news. I have upgrade to iOS 5 on my phone…nice stubble little changes so far. My iPad is currently updating. iMessage will be ok, as I have unlimited texting to being with haha. I think I am going to use more features on the iPad than the phone. However, iCloud will not work for me yet 🙁  I have an early 2008 Macbook which does not have enough memory to sustain Lion….so right now I have Snow Leopard.  I need Lion to run iCloud. After a quick browse on the internets, I saw that many other Mac users were upset that they could not run iCloud on Snow Leopard as they really didn’t want to upgrade to Lion. I am guessing that the bugs with Lion have been fixed by now…but still what a pain in the bottom! I guess I am going to have to find the parts and install more memory. The funny thing is, my Macbook works just fine for me even though we are approaching its 4th birthday. I heart Macs 🙂


Baby has dropped already. The head is already in the pelvis area. Although it has moved since my doctors appointment. I might get a freebie ultrasound if he/she stays there as it is hard for my OB to get an accurate measurement now (and apparently for the first time my measurements were a bit off). 7 weeks to go….wooo

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