Thursday, October 27th

So, we had our National Capital Cross-Country meet today. Sadly my athletes did not qualify for OFSAA 🙁  They did ok, but could have done much better.  The closest were the two boy’s teams.  The midgets were in 6th place (the team needed to be forth), but they were not running as fast as they could (in my opinion) and have a pretty shitty start.  The Juniors could have made it if we had two stronger runners added (our top three came in 14,25 and 50….pretty good for a 200+ number race), but one kid didn’t show up and our 4th runner had a craptacular race.  Our midget girl team did not have a good race and our top individual came in 8th (she needed to be 6th)….so no luck for us this year.  One of our midget girls managed to loose BOTH her shoes in the last 100m….seriously….


My doctor forgot to hand in my paper-work to my hospital….*bangs head on desk* I was supposed to go in this week for the whole registration/question asking session…but I guess next week it is! I really hope they call soon as I have things on the go already!

He also said ‘remind me to do this next week’….k..Once again, I didn’t go to medical school and I’m not my own doctor! That is what you have the fancy computer for!

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