Friday, November 25th

39 weeks….yay!  Nothing new to report here though other than the swirling around down there hurts every once and awhile and I really can’t stand the back and butt pain anymore.


Today is Black Friday…woohoo??  I don’t really get the whole hoopla over Black Friday. I did purchase a magic mouse charger from the Apple Store as today is the only day that Apple ever has anything on sale, but other than that, not even bothering to look.  We don’t really have Black Friday here in Canadialand, but focus more on Boxing Day. Last year for fun we lined up at the Future Shop as I wanted an SLR camera and P wanted a new computer.  The Canon T2i was on sale, and as always there were loads of computers on sale.  I got my camera (which was sold out by mid-morning) right away, but P looked at a few computers and didn’t like anything. We eventually made it to Best Buy by late morning to check out another HP computer.  There was only 1 left in the store and it wasn’t where it was supposed to be.  Plus, there were 2 other people looking for it.  Luckily I am quite good at finding things in a store, so I found it rather quickly and we did a whole “start the car” dance and proceeded to the checkout.  I don’t think we needed to get up super early for that, nor would we have waited any more than 15 minutes in a line. Some people line up for hours for Black Friday (and for the new i-whatever product, don’t get me started on that one) and I just don’t get it. There is also Cyber Monday, which may be a bit more interesting, but really I don’t know what I would buy. The only thing I can think of is a new camera lens, but that would have to come with a significant discount and I might just wait for Boxing Day.

Another big difference is the quantity of sale items the stores have in stock. As I wrote above, a good 5 hours after the store opened, you could still find many of the sale items available. I read a blog on the Toronto Star this morning that featured a reporter who camped out at a Buffalo Walmart last night. Many of the Canadians there complained that there were only a handful of super-sale items (like a $2 waffle maker for example) that people had to fight over. Apparently some people were even on the floor. Someone in Los Angeles pepper-sprayed people so she could get her items. Crazy!!



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  1. Kristen

    That pepper spray thing baffles me. Lady- the people around you are OTHER SHOPPERS…not rapists.

    I don’t understand the hype at all and I can’t IMAGINE camping overnight to try to get a $2 waffle maker.


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