Monday, November 21st

No baby yet…..things are progressing a bit, but the signs that I have been seeing are signs that could mean birth is days away or weeks away. So hard to tell. My friend was due last Sunday and still hasn’t delivered yet.  So it may still be a month before Baby Bean makes his/her appearance.  We did get our cloth diapers today. Naturally they mucked up the order and forgot a few things, but not a big deal. The diapers are super small, which is good as when my other friend started with cloth, the diapers were too small. We have a pile of disposables for the hospital/first few days as well as another pile of 8-10 pounders for excursions. We are using a diaper service as I prefer cloth diapers for a variety of reasons, but rather than washing them myself…I will get someone else to do it. Plus with stupid Hydro time of day uses, I don’t want to be doing laundry during on-peak hours. Plus, It costs a few bucks more than disposables.

We did make a big baby purchase on the weekend.  Someone was selling a barely used Chariot stroller for $250 bucks on kijiji. I emailed the lady and she said someone was coming to look at it, but if they didn’t want it, it was mine. The person couldn’t make it, so I went up with P to take a look. Other than the thick layer of dust, the Chariot was in near perfect condition. The little nibs on the tires were still there, no rust and the straps looked like they had never been used.  Apparently she only used it a couple of times to run around the block. We offered $200 and she accepted.  It was a steal of a deal. The chassis alone for a Chariot is over $500, with accessories costing about $100 each (except the ski kit which is almost $300).  We have the jogging attachment, which is the only one I will be using in the spring, as it is not recommended to take babies out on the bike until around 10-12 months. She could have easily gotten $400 for it. It is now downstairs waiting for the spring to be used.


I have a hard time paying full price for certain grocery store items.  I will not pay full price ever for:

– laundry soap

– Toilet paper/paper towels

– Meat

– Cereal

– Pasta

– Canned and jarred items like soup/crushed tomatoes/jam/peanut butter

– Kraft Dinner

I have a grocery budget of $80 a week that I like to stick to.  If I paid full price for things, I would definitely go over $80. Other than the meat, everything else can just be stockpiled when they are on sale. Our big summer purchase was a stand-up freezer so I can purchase meats on sale and freeze them. Our friends gave us a vacum sealer that I use to wrap the meats in so they don’t get freezer burnt. I also pay attention to fruits and vegetable prices/make sure to pick stuff that is in season.  I’m not going to spend $5 for a pack of strawberries. My system does work and other than weeks that we are having people over/special occasions like Christmas, we are usually under $80 for food for both of us.

However…whenever Paul goes grocery shopping we go over. Because he rarely does the shopping, he thinks things are on sale, when they really are not and will buy too many.  Or, if he is out of something, he will just buy it at the whatever store without checking prices elsewhere. So yesterday we were at the last store on our shopping excursion and he goes to get a jar of jam. He picks up a Smuckers strawberry and I ask him “is it on sale?” It was not and was way more than I was willing to spend on jam. I told him next time we are out of something that I don’t use, to let me know before the last second of grocery shopping. So the jam went back on the shelf and I will check out the jam supply at another store on my way back from work. It may seem a bit anal, but we simply cannot afford to spend $125-150 on food every week. It is just simply not in our budget, especially when I don’t work fulltime.

Alright, given that I should be at school in an hour….time to get dressed!

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