Monday November 28th

It does not feel like an end of November day outside right now. The temperature is still in the positives and I feel very warm in just a fleece jacket. Which is good… my winter jacket does not fit and there is no way I’m spending good money on a jacket that I will only use for maybe 2 more weeks.


Today is Cyber Monday and it seems that Amazon knew exactly what I wanted to buy:

– A Garmin GPS watch! I purchased this watch this morning:


Garmin Watch I bought


Now when I resume training in the spring, I will be able to actually watch my pacing (which has been an issue) and measure distances. As I plan to ‘graduate’ from 5K to 10K/maybe half-marathon, it is a bit more crucial that I have a watch that will tell me more information than my HR and time. The watch did sell out pretty fast and it appears that it is no longer available.


They are replacing our roof now…..holy noise batman! When they were putting the shingles/other roof materials on the roof I swore that the roof was going to cave in. At least it will be done now and not when baby is here 🙂

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