November 11th, 2011

So, I am now 37 weeks pregnant, which is considered ‘full-term’. Meaning that if the baby was born today, it wouldn’t be considered a pre-term baby anymore. Statistically speaking, babies are born around the 40-week mark, hence why pregnancy is 40 weeks long.  Everything is a go in terms of development, growing dramatically slows down (maybe a pound difference between now and 40 weeks) and it becomes really squished in there!

Some thoughts

My Pregnancy so far:

I’ve had a very easy pregnancy compared to most women.  I’m a tad bit worried that my luck will run out once labour starts and I will have one of those 24 hour labours. Not sure how that is going to play out. Here are some comments on the typical pregnancy ‘issues’ and what happened to me:

Morning Sickness: Did not happen. A couple of times in the middle of the night I woke up nauseous, but I never threw up. Once one time at 35 weeks did I throw up, but that was an acid reflux thing/baby kicked my dinner out of me.

Headaches: I had chronic headaches before, and then they just disappeared. However, I get headaches for all sorts of reasons: atmosphere pressure, motion sickness, glare off screens, certain smells (like perfume), and hormones. The atmospheric pressure and hormonal headaches went away; I am just too used to the other headaches that I know how to avoid them (like no screens/reading in the car or looking behind me when I’m the passenger). Apparently they come back once I deliver as my hormones go all screwy….yay…

Leg cramps: Had them pretty bad in the 2nd trimester.  Learned how to avoid them.

Acne: horrible horrible acne until my third trimester. Again, thinking that it will come back once baby is born and hormones run amuck

Fuller, thicker hair: I WISH!  Didn’t happen. Still shed quite a bit of hair….freaking out that I will lose a lot of hair, again thanks to changing hormones

Swelling: minimal…for now. If I sit for too long or get too hot, I swell up in my feet and hands. I can judge by how tight my wedding rings are. I do not have cankles….yet

Food Aversions/Cravings:  I always need something sweet after dinner, even if it is just a cookie.  No weird cravings though like pickles and ice cream. No food aversions, except once with coffee, but that was more of a bad creamer problem.

Weight gain: Minimal and it is all square in my belly. You cannot tell from behind that I am pregnant, and even a bit to the sides. Since the belly is my problem area, I’m a little afraid that I will look like a marshmallow with toothpicks for limbs…great!

Aches and pains: I’ve had pelvic pain from my ligaments since week 20 and have been achy since then. It gets worse as the day goes on, with the night time being the worse. It has become so bad that when I get up to go to the bathroom, I have to get up slowly and hold on to the bed, otherwise my hip will give way and I will fall down. This is reason #2 why I had to stop running pretty early in the game. Reason #1 below

– Stretch marks: none…YAY

Breathing issues: Tons that started in the summer. It has become a bit better, but it was pretty bad in August and September. This is the #1 reason that running had to stop as I couldn’t breath.

I think that is it in terms of problems with pregnancy (other than the TMI stuff that will not be discussed…ew).


I don’t really have a birth plan laid out. I am going to try for a natural birth, but if things get too owwie, then I will consider an epidural, especially if baby continues to be sunny side up (which = back labour). My main concern with epidurals is that you are stuck in bed, can’t eat and have a catheter. If I am not feeling much pain and labour goes on for awhile, I will get seriously angry with not eating. I know that if I don’t have one, I will probably be in too much pain to eat…but I will forget about hunger 🙂 The hospital that I am going to is an award-winning facility. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.  However, it uses the model that the OB’s rotate on a schedule, meaning the odds of you actually having your own OB deliver, are pretty slim.  I know that if I go into labour on a Tuesday or Wednesday, I’m not getting my OB. I’ve checked up on the others (and my friends are with other OB’s) and many have high ratings. Some do not, but what people are complaining about are typical ‘doctor’ things and quite a few are related to the difference between midwives and OB’s. I’m really hoping that my OB will be there…plus he is nice to look at too (yup, I went there).


So now it is just a waiting game….

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