Thursday, November 3rd

Doing a rare night-time post, as I really don’t have time in the morning to blog anymore since I work the AM’s.  I’ve also worked everyday this week and had a paper due for my grad school class, so it has been a busy week!


– Paul finally got an iPhone. He likes it very much. As I predicted, Siri is something he really is enjoying using as it is faster for him to say stuff into the phone rather than type. He also likes the easy of use in terms of doing conference calls, emailing and texting. As reported in the news, the 4S has a bit of a bug in terms of iOS 5 and battery life. I haven’t noticed anything with my 4, but my battery is definitely lasting longer than his.  However, the battery life that he is getting is still better than when I tried out the Android.

– I believe I have everything I need baby-wise until Peanut gets a bit older.  I did my last little bit of shopping today.  When shopping I felt like something was stabbing my groin area and I had trouble walking. Not contractions though.  Could be the baby turning his/her head and pinching a nerve…or it could also be my cervix dilating, which could be starting already. I have my weekly doctors appointment tomorrow and he told me to remind him to do a vaginal exam (OH YEA!), which he can then see if I’m dilating or not. good times…

– Work is going well. I am noticing that I am really tired by the end of the day and stairs are a struggle. Thankfully I am on the first floor most of the time.  I really like my 3 students who I work with. I’ve had all three as students last year, so I know them fairly well.

– OFSAA is this weekend. I am helping with organizing the start-chutes, Paul is being a biker.  Should be good times AND I think I get a coveted “OFSAA Volunteer” shirt!  Once I am done with this I just have one orchestra concert and one robotics euchre tournament and I am done “volunteering” until Track and Field season in late-February.  Will be a change of pace!


k….bed time!

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  1. My "Sophisticated" Life

    Saul is considering an iPhone for his bday on 12/4. I think he would love that hands free stuff and speaking instead of typing. Who wouldn’t? But was it hard to figure out how to use it/set it up?
    I can’t fathom what it feels like to have a growing human being in my body. I don’t think I’ll ever have a child–we haven’t done anything to prevent pregnancy since we met and have always been open to it, but it’s not happening–so this will probably fascinate me for the rest of my life. I have the lowest tolerance of pain of anyone who ever lived and have such a weak stomach that I would be an annoying pregnant woman to be sure.
    So excited for you! Do you know the sex? Names chosen? Can’t wait to see him/her. 🙂

  2. Kristen

    So how many dirty questions have you two asked Siri? 🙂

    So glad you feel prepared (at least in terms of stuff) for the arrival of the little bean. I’m sure it makes not knowing when things will start “moving” a little easier!

    1. rebeccaw7

      Kristen: I asked it if my butt looked big and it responded “I’m not sure, would you like me to look it up on the internet for you??”. Apparently some of the SIRI responses are really funny.

      I don’t like the uncertainty of ‘when the show will start’. Since I’m working right to the day, it makes me really nervous that I will be in the middle of class when things start happening. But, I’m 2 minutes from home and work is totally cool with me jetting out the door 😀

  3. rebeccaw7

    Paul really likes it. It was pretty easy to set up: to turn on the ‘hands free’ SIRI stuff, all you have to do is go to settings and ‘turn it on’. It doesn’t require you to program it with your voice or anything. Since you have an iPad and a Mac, you will find it really easy to help since you are familiar with the Apple-World

    You never know about the whole baby-thing…it could still happen. Two of my friends are in their 40’s and one cannot get pregnant, while the other one became pregnant on their first try. You never really know 🙂 Every pregnancy is different. I’ve been fine until just recently, which I knew was going to happen. The 36 weeks of pregnancy is starting to takes its toll. I actually woke up last night with crazy heartburn, and going up the stairs is a workout! I can feel baby almost all the time….he/she pokes and moves around all day. I will let you know about the whole pain thing, no idea how labour is going to pan out.

    We don’t know the sex, it will be a surprise. Names for a boy will be either Charles or Maximilian (Max), girl will be Penelope (Penny) or Elizabeth. 1 more month!! (or sooner….)


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