Tuesday, November 29th

So ordered my Garmin watch yesterday at 8am….and it was in my mailbox by 10am this morning. Wow super speedy shipping there!   Going to play with it a bit after writing this post.  Not running though…


Baby update:  Head is down, but that is about it.  Unless I have one of those speedy labours, baby is not on its way yet.  I’m thinking next week possibly…but I also think that I will have to be induced…hooray(?). My OB thought my tummy looked hilarious as when I laid down for my measurements, baby bean was completely squished on the left side and made my tummy bigger on that side.  He also asked if I had any more projects on my schedule….apparently he knows that I am a bit of a workaholic….


It is raining cats and dogs outside.  Check the date….November 29th. I’m confused, is it November or October? The temperature is supposed to go up and down tomorrow, so for my fellow migraine prone people….it is going to be a “great” day tomorrow. We also saw lots of birds this weekend, including Bert the Bird (aka a robin…I name all of them Bert now). Thought they would be well south of here by now…


Possibly my last night class tonight….THANK GOODNESS.

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