Wednesday, November 23rd

First snowfall of the year in Ottawa today! It is only a little one, but from what I am hearing from the commuters is that people have once again forgotten how to drive in snow.  So glad that work is just down the street and the likeliness of having a stupid driver slide past me is nil. I do enjoy snow though.  The only parts I do not like about winter weather are freezing rain, black ice and extreme cold (which only really happens on those bright, sunny, winter days).

Pretty backyard

My last day of work will be December 2nd (next Friday).  That is my due date, so I may go sooner, but I don’t think baby is coming out any time soon. Some are saying that I will be late, some are saying I won’t last til the 2nd.  I am hoping to go that weekend though.  My OB checked “under the hood” the other day and nothing exciting under there, but that could literally change in a day or two…it is really hard to tell.  Yesterday my Ottawa U professor was discussing whether anything in today’s society is not “organized” in some way. The pregnancy process has been organized into 40 weeks, with guidelines and measures of predicting a healthy baby.  When baby is born we have milestones to continue measuring and organizing our baby’s growth and progress. The one thing that no one can predict in terms of pregnancy is the moment that baby decides “get me the heck out of here!”.  There is no organization, no way to predict. If things are left alone, there really is no way of telling when baby is going to be born. Speaking of baby’s being born, so far baby Emma (our friends soon to be first baby) has not made her appearance yet, my other friend is due on Sunday, followed by myself on Friday.  Big potential of having babies being born on the same day.



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