December 7th, 2011

One more month til my Birthday! Yay!

Went to the Doctor’s yesterday and nothing had changed in the downstairs department, so the orders were written to start the inducing process this weekend. The orders state for this Friday, but depending on how busy Montfort is, it could be anytime on the weekend. There is a process that they go through, and we start with the non-drug method first then move from there. My OB tried to do a membrane sweep yesterday but my cervix is not open at all, so he didn’t want to force it open which is good because he obviously has man-hands and that would probably hurt. So we will see what happens, but baby will be here in less than a week….yay!


Going to copy Kristen’s blog¬†and do a Five Things about Me post. I think it is fitting because I believe a few of these traits of mine are going to be going out the window by next week ūüôā


Five Things about Me


1) I like routine.  I would even go to say that I work best with a routine.  I have a set schedule at work and with extra-curriculars, and I have a tendency to go to bed and wake up at the same time.  My morning routine is very standard and when my husband is home on a weekday, he tends to mess with my routine and it can totally screw me up. Changes in a routine can make me a bit agitated.

2) I write my schedule down multiple times. ¬†I use iCalendar to note my schedule, which then goes directly from my Mac to my iPhone and iPad. ¬†I also use Google Calendar as it is easy to share my schedule with P that way. I also write everything done in an agenda. ¬†It seems a bit excessive, but I like my system ūüôā

3) I sometimes seem to lack a sensitivity/counseling¬†gene. ¬†Meaning that if something happens and people are upset, I don’t know how to react and usually just stay silent. ¬†Basically I become Robot-like. ¬†Doesn’t happen all the time, and believe me I do cry and whatnot, but I think I just get all worked up on what I should say/do that I close up. Hence why my hubby points how while watching Grey’s Anatomy “you are so much like Christina Yang”. But she isn’t a robot either ūüėČ

4) I suck at styling my hair. I have two styles: down and up. ¬†Right now, since I am growing it out/don’t care, it is ‘up’ most of the time. I really need to get a haircut (haven’t had one since September), but I am holding out to just before Christmas. ¬†My hair is not the best hair to work with, and it tends to do what it wants. Even my hair stylist commented that my hair wouldn’t stay put when she styled it. ¬†I had the ‘bob’ cut for awhile as my hair seemed to respond well to that cut. However, I am trying to grow it out long again. So far it is almost down to my shoulders again.

5) Cooking is a major stress reliever for me. I love cooking. If I had more money in my grocery budget, I would make things all the time. ¬†I hate processed frozen food, so I try to cook foods that are usually in that category (burgers, curries, certain pasta dishes) on my own. I do have to say that my burgers are freakin awesome. The kitchen is my area of the house and I actually don’t require help most of the time, even though it is always offered. ¬†The night before my wedding I cooked pasta and apps for 30 people, even though everyone thought I was crazy. It was just a way for me to stay focused and calm.




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