Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Due Date Day!  Although it is now 7pm and I don’t think baby is coming tonight. I finished work today and now officially on Maternity leave. I filed for Mat leave benefits today, but it will take until January to go through as my record of employment will not be issued until my next pay is processed which is in two weeks.  I have a feeling that this last semester will screw me over though as apparently they take the last 6 months average.  Unfortunately my last six months of work sucked due to the fact that September sucks for OT’s and I didn’t pick my LTO until the end of October. I reached the max income of over $44,000 and reached 600hrs by the time I finished summer school, however I didn’t start making decent money until mid-October. They do consider periods of time when I couldn’t work (i.e. August).  I’m only really worried about Sept-October though as those two months sucked.

Anyways….here is a funny picture for you to enjoy:

Notice Served!!

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  1. Kristen

    Love it.
    (the eviction notice, not that you might be screwed with getting payed)


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