Friday, December 9th, 2011

Nope, still have not given birth yet. My inducement date is today, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is happening today.  It is totally dependent on Montfort and given how they messed up my chart (my OB literally had to hand in my stuff himself) I am not holding my breath.  According to some online research 41 weeks and a couple days is when most first time mommies go, so I am still hoping that things will happen naturally.  My sciatic nerve is acting up again, my right leg and hip are hurting pretty bad.  This means I essentially sleep on only one side which then makes that side hurt.  Cannot wait to be able to sleep any way I want!

Today’s “will this induce labour” is going to my friends house for a Baby and Me get together.  Obviously I am sans-baby but the hope is that the babies there will encourage my baby to come out and join the fun!



The new Ikea opened in Ottawa on Wednesday. I drove past it twice and although the parking lot was packed, it wasn’t super crazy on the roads.  Apparently they thought 10,000 people would show up, but only a few hundred did. See, the problem is that they did their opening on a Wednesday. Ottawa is a government town and most people work 8-4 hours Monday-Friday (hence why our rush hour is nuts from 7-9am and 3-5pm).  I don’t think anybody is going to skip work for Ikea.  Even the iPad line up last year, I arrived at 4pm and had an OK spot in line.  I am not going to the Ikea until the New Year as I really don’t need anything and I am figuring it will be nice and quiet for myself and Baby Bean.

What got to me though were people on the Ottawa Citizen commenting on how crappy Ikea furniture is and how it is a rip-off, doesn’t survive a move and falls apart easily. I disagree.  I don’t buy all my furniture from Ikea, my more ‘regularly used’ furniture like my bed, dining room table and couch come from more ‘higher up’ stores. But lots of my other furniture comes from Ikea and I’ve had some for years.  Just looking at my office I see the following Ikea products:

– My desk.  Super large desk. Yes, it is a bit scratched up, but it has survived a move from London to Toronto to Ottawa. I’ve had it since 2006.

– Desk Organizer. Newer item that I got last year. In perfect condition

– Ikea Lamp. I’ve had the lamp since 2003 and I’ve never had to change the light bulb. It has survived 4 moves.

– Billy Bookshelves. Both Paul and I had them. Paul’s are from 2006, mine is from 2008. Still in perfect condition

–  Shoe organizer. I think they cost $5 or something small.  Works for me

– Magazine/File cardboard organizers. Another cheap find. I’ve had some for years (2006 maybe) and they are not torn up….and they are cardboard.

– Poang Armchair: I’ve had this since 2004 and it has never torn.  It still looks new minus the one stain on it.

We have several other Ikea items in our house (kitchen stainless steel island, that I use as a prep table…TV stand/organizer…various kitchen items and holders) and we have never had a problem.  If we need something small for the house, it is usually cheaper to go to the Ikea and buy it rather than Home Depot (thinking towel racks and that sort).  Personally I would also rather shop at Ikea than another big-box store like Walmart. So that is my little rant on Ikea 🙂

Hopefully by Monday I will have a baby…hopefully!!

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