Last post of 2011!

NYE tonight!  2011 was an interesting year with lots of highs and a few lows.  Although compared to some other people that I know, my lows were not that low at all compared to discovering you have cancer, to losing a parent and losing jobs.

My year in review:


– Turned 28….non-eventful

– Found out I would be working until at least March Break


– Went skiing and Tremblant for the 2nd time and this time did not cry

– Found out that instead of teaching Phys Ed, I would be teaching a Grade 12 University Law class…my first big “academic” class.


– Cuba!!! First vacation in a long time, first all-inclusive vacation….and for those who can do pregnancy math: where Max was started

– Started teaching 3 academic classes….something new for me (I usually have some sort of specialized program on my timetable)


– Track and Field and Drama play production = late nights at school every day


– Competed in a few races. Ottawa Run weekend ended up being hot and humid, which made me run extremely slow as I over-heated in a bad way, which is not good/allowed when you are pregnant.

– P won a top educator’s award for the Ottawa-area.


– OFSAA in Sudbury. Had a great time with my team and the rest of the Ottawa athletes.  Very proud of how we can bring 3 bus-loads of students on a 3-day trip and have little to no problems.


– Ran Emilie’s Run, which I should be running a sub-30 time….totally did not happen. Last ‘competitive’ race for me for 2011


– Basically July was all about Summer School. Left the house at 6:45, returned at 5pm…worked until 11pm every night.  Complete chaos.  But I had one of the best classes I’ve ever had (everybody did their work!) and had a really good time teaching the course. We got a raise for summer school pay, yet with taxes/pension/union fees that rise with a rise in income…..we ended up making a couple of hundred dollars less than last year….wtf?

– Had the 20-week ultrasound where Max didn’t cooperate and we didn’t get to see much.


– Took a mini-vacation road trip to Bon Echo and to Rochester, NY. Went to the Cheesecake Factory and outlet malls. It was nice to go camping and have no plans.

– Started home reno’s when we got back: New Furnace, new kitchen cabinets (well re-done ones) and painted and created Max’s room


– Back to supply teaching where I make almost no money.  Continued to coach x-Country. Had to coach using my bike as running was out

– Started bi-weekly appointments with my OB, which put a bit of a damper on supply teaching days.


– Nothing much happening other than XCountry running, working and school (Ottawa U class)

– Finally got a small LTO for one class in the morning


– OFSAA Cross Country!!!  Ottawa was hosting so I got to help out with the running of the event. Weather was FANTASTIC and even though I was finishing my 8th month of pregnancy, I had a ball. Went home at 5pm and proceeded to watch a movie and eat Boston Pizza….was in bed by 9:30

– Kinda getting sick and tired of not being able to participate in certain things because I am nine months pregnant.

– Weekly OB appointments….woohoo?  Impressed that my doctor and his staff remember you.  Very positive doctor experience with my OB


– waiting, waiting and waiting. Inducement date set for the 9th, yet the 9th came and went. Finally on the 13th was called in.  Max was born on the 14th

– The rest of December has flown by.  Surprised how fast the day goes when you have to feed a small baby every 2-3 hours

– Weather was wacky in Ottawa.  Only got snow just before Christmas.  Apparently on Jan. 1st it will be raining…..

So that was 2011…or at least a snippet of it.

Things to look forward to in 2012:

– Max growing up and being more interactive and mobile

– Competing in races again. Possibility of doing the half in the Army Run in September *if* Max likes the Chariot

– Another OFSAA year…this year we are close by: in Brockville

– Hopefully getting a job. Although technically I don’t have to work in 2012 if I don’t want to. The idea of this kind of creeps me out a bit.

Have a safe and enjoyable NYE!!

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