Monday December 19th

So obviously, being away for a week means that yes, I indeed had a baby.


Maximilian Charles Stephen Bernard McD was born at 8:36am on December 14th.  He is pretty cute if I do say so myself:

Baby Max!


So in point form. Here is what happened:

– 6am: hospital phones…..I guess no last sleep in for me?

– 9am: Dose of Cervidil given, which requires an hour of bedsrest which resulted in major butt pain for the rest of the morning.

– 10am-5pm: Walked around, ate food, watched TV….waited for the party to begin

– 5pm: another woman who had been induced at the same time as me delivers, I get mad….during dinner contractions begin

– 9pm: contractions starting to hurt real bad, Cervidil worked, so no more inducing stuff needed. About 1.5cm dilated. Complication of cervidil: piggy-backing contractions which meant I was under constant pain. Drug given that was supposed to make me happy…it did not, but it did give me minute long breaks.

– Midnight: holy jesus this hurts real bad. At 4cm, asked for epidural. Hour of torture waiting for epidural.

– 1am: Epidural given. 6cm dilated. Max decides to throw himself into his first of 3 decel’s. Nurses and attendings rush in. I’m given oxygen and now have to lie on my side. He first prefers the left side, then he threw another decel and we went to the right.  Talk of crash c-section. Max decides to then cooperate

– 2am: 8cm dilated and I’m enjoying the epidural very much

– 3am: 9cm, almost 10….now waiting the 2 hrs before allowed to push

– 5:30am: fully dialated, beginning to push. Baby’s head is very far back, so it will take awhile. Contractions require help of oxytocin

– 7:30am: Nursing change, Max doesn’t like this, so he throws another decel. Nurses and attending rush in. Continue to push, but my contractions start teetering off.

– 8am: Attending change and all hell breaks loose. Supposed to start more Oxytocin. Still pushing, apparently head is being seen while pushing. Doctor doesn’t like where Max’s head is, so it is decided rather quickly that the use of forceps will be necessary, which requires me to go into a very ackward birthing position that resembles the number 7.  Everyone and their brother is in the room (nurses, med students, residents, attendings). Resident is the one who has the forceps, apparently it was really scary. Resident apparently tears my vajayjay. Attending gives me an episotomy…I said a very bad word. Shoulders delivered. Again, very thankful I had an epidural

– 8:36am: Max is born. Scores 9 out of 9 on the Apgar. The whole minute of birth is rather fuzzy. Attending begins to stitch me up which turns into a lesson on how to suture broken vajajays. My OB walks in (he was doing scheduled c-sections) when I’m all exposed, causing me to feel a bit embarrassed. Apparently he looks rather annoyed when talking to the on-call attending. Max is given to me and he just stares…no more crying. I then start another 2 hours of bedrest to let the epidural wear down.


So….almost everything went well minus the actual delivery. P is still very upset about what happened, mostly because it happened so fast with little explaination. My OB and his resident stopped by in the afternoon to have  a chat with us and the resident did a really good job with explaining everything to P and answering his questions.  If Max had been born on Thursday, my OB would have been!

I had very few complications with pregnancy, but now my karma has run out:

– I have swelling in my legs now

– The vajayjay I came home with is not the same as the one I brought in. AND…my stitches have come loose at one section. Going to the doctor today. Really upset about this as an infection down there is not something I want.

– Hormonal changes = chills, sweats and loads of crying for no reason.


Other than that everything is peachy. Max is a really easy baby in the morning and we are working out our kinks at night time. He finally sleeps at around 2am and will stay sleeping until 7am=ish minus a feeding session. But more about that later…I’m going for a nap!

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  1. Kristen

    No. No an infection down there is definitely not what you want. Good luck at the doctor!!

    Max is adorable! Congratulations to all of you!


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