Monday, December 5th

Yup, I am still here and still as big as a house (well not really, but you know what I mean).  Nothing big happened this weekend and other than a whole lot of braxton-hicks contractions, no other warning signs of labour.  I thought yesterday it might actually happen as I was very very uncomfortable…but nope! I did have a couple ‘owwie’ contractions last night, but again just a few BH ones. Of course we are now in the week of robotics crap which means that baby will most likely make its arrival on a day that is not good.  P has a meeting tomorrow night (and I have night class, but I’m really “not there”), and a big tournament on Saturday.  If things do happen, P has another teacher there (I think…) so that he could run out if needed. I also have to remind him to give his keys to someone on Friday in case we have a late night visit to the hospital. So much fun… please baby come out today/tonight, that would be great!

We put the car seat base in the jeep, during which we made the discovery that the seat can only go in the middle.  I drive a 1999 Cherokee and it is NOT a great car to be sitting in the backseat as there is next to no leg room.  The rear-facing seat sticks out at the top beyond the seat which prevents the front passenger from being at a reasonable distance away from the dash causing the passenger (myself or Paul) to be squished in the front.  So the seat is in the middle, but the problem is when we have two kids.  So, I need to start looking for some sort of Mom-mobile. Jeeps have loads of room in the trunk, but are crappy passenger cars. They really are SUV’s and are really meant to do some off-roading in….not cart around a pile of kids.


I have batch made a bunch of dinners so that if I am feeling lazy, I can grab a dinner out of the freezer and heat it up rather than calling the pizza man. So far I have made the following:

– Chili

– Bolognese Sauce

– Tuna Noodle Casserole

– Beefaroni (omg soooo good)

I also have to start thinking about what to serve at Christmas eve and Christmas dinner as my family will be up for the weekend.  I pre-make a few things and it has already been requested that I make my Butternut Squash soup, which is something that I do make a couple of days before.  Obviously we will have the whole turkey dinner on Christmas day, which is actually something that P does very well. I’m thinking apps and fondue for Christmas eve as it is easy and doesn’t take the whole day, which is good since my parents and brother will not be in until 2ish. The Christmas weekend is ramping up to be a busy one. We have our traditional friends potluck on the Friday (which I will be bringing a veggie tray or salad from Costco…haha, sorry guys), then Christmas Eve and Christmas.  My SIL should be up from California too, I haven’t seen her in awhile.

and the best part about Christmas this year:…..I WILL GET TO HAVE A GLASS OF WINE.


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