Tuesday, December 6th

The roofers are finally back!  So it will be a loud day once again, but hopefully our roof is finished by the end of the week. I need to talk to them as they will need access to the house to put the skylight in, and the odds that I will not be home at some point in the next week are fairly high. Maybe it can happen today?


Doctor’s appointment today. I will find out about inducing labour and all that jazz today. Hopefully he can do a membrane sweep as well as that can sometimes get things going.  So yesterday at the mall I bought season 13 of ER to keep me occupied while waiting for baby to arrive.  While watching, I realized who my doctor reminds me of….Dr. Kovac.  He really looks like him, except with shorter lighter hair and a French accent rather than a Croatian one (still somewhat similar though). Anyways….


There are quite a few ’12 days of Christmas’ sales.  Just scored a Baby Hawk Oh Snap Carrier $150 carrier for $69 at Milkface, an Ottawa breast-feeding store.  It will be a perfect in between for my Moby wrap (use for home and short walks) and my MEC Happy Trails Carrier (hiking days). It should be perfect for track and field tournaments, where I will need to carry baby bean around all day. I do have two strollers as well: A standard Graco variety and my Chariot stroller. Obviously the Chariot is for active outings like running and biking. The Graco is for the mall/small outings.  I honestly will probably prefer the carriers though.


One of the main reasons I shop primarily at Loblaws grocery stores is their own products.  Sometimes I enjoy their products more than the ‘name brand’ varieties:

– Loads of Raisins is totally better than Raisin Bran

– Decedent Chocolate Chip Cookie….best store shelf cookies around in my opinion

– Their ice cream selection: I’ve never been disappointed with any of the ice creams I have bought at PC.  Pumpkin Pie and Candy Cane are my house’s favorites. Haven’t tried the Raspberry White Chocolate yet, but it is next on my list!

– PC ready to go pizza crust.  We looked around for an easy, ready to go pizza crust and found some at PC. They have thick and thin crust.  The thick crust is great! Our pizza nights have been much better lately

– PC Gourmet Coffee. Our coffee of choice in the McD household.  It is a bit pricey compared to say Folgers (blech!), but really great.

– PC Herbs.  In the produce section.  They last forever and are in the right quantity. I hate buying a huge bunch of cilantro.

I also like PC points too…. 😀

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