Chili Recipe

Last night I made another batch of chili.  It is something that doesn’t take too long to make, and creates about 3 dinners for two people.  Here is the reciepe:



– Celery

– 1 Onion

– 1 Green Bell Pepper

– 2 cloves Garlic

– 1 tbl. Cumin powder

– 1 tsp Cinnamon

– Cayenne Pepper – to your own taste

– 1 can Red Kidney Beans

– 1 can Bean Medley Mix or Chick Peas

– Can of diced tomatoes

– Can of crushed tomatoes

– Ground beef (you can use ground turkey as well)

– 1 tbl Balsamic Vinegar

– Salt and pepper

– That red rooster asian hot sauce – to your own taste



1. Chop up all your veggies.  Make them as small or as big as you want.

2. In a big pot, give a couple of lugs of olive oil and drop in your veggies along with the cumin, cayenne pepper and cinnamon

3. Cook for approx. 7 minutes, stirring often

4. Rinse your beans. Add beans to the pot

5. Add your diced and crushed tomatoes.  Now if you like slightly more liquid in your chili, you might want to add about half a can of water after.

6. Add your ground beef

7. Add the balsamic vinegar, and salt and pepper

7. Bring to a boil.  Then drop down to a simmer

8. Cook for about an hour, stirring occasionally.

9. Cook rice if you want it.

10. When done and ready to serve, put into a bowl and add as much red rooster hot sauce as you enjoy. I like to put some cheese in my bowl along with rice.  You can add sour creme, or something to that liking as well.





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