First Road Trip

We went on our first road trip with Max this weekend.  It was a short one, as we only stayed one night.  We went to Oshawa for a FIRST Lego League Robotics tournament with a bunch of grade 7&8’s.  The trip to Oshawa was really long as we had a bit of a snow storm on Friday.  We left at 4:30ish and didn’t get to Oshawa until 10:30.  The 416 and the first part of the 401 was snow covered, but the rest was fine. We still only averaged 80 km/hr until we got past Kingston.  However once we got past Brockville we started hitting the snow plows which = 40km/hr.  Awful Awful drive to be stuck behind the plows, especially when they don’t get off for the entire Kingston part.  Max tried out his Graco Pack and Play and did fine in it. He did try to steal our bed though:


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