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A new year is all about new goals. I went into my old LJ to find my 2011 goals to see how well I did.


2011 Goals and outcomes:



– Lose 10-15 pounds. Outcome: Umm…I actually gained 25 pounds, thanks Max!  But since the birth I’ve lost 20 pounds, with the remaining 5 pounds to be lost when I can properly exercise.

– Run a 10K for sure and hopefully build it to a 1/2 marathon. If I get into the NYC marathon I will try my hardest to train for it. Outcome:  Pregnancy altered this goal. I was only able to run 4 5K races and walk another. Didn’t get into the NYC Marathon, but I would have been 9 months at that point.

– Keep my office/spare room organized which brings me to another point: Start getting a new office place ready/share with P. If we are going to have a baby in the next year or two, we are going to have to give up the two spare rooms as our offices. We have 3 bedrooms but we would need one for the kiddie room and another for a spare room.  Outcome: LMAO.  Had to do this goal.  I did organize my office and it did stay reasonably clean, minus my summer school stint where paper was just everywhere.  P and I shared an office for about a week…but he needs more space so he is now downstairs.

Take more care in my clothes, especially my work clothes. Outcome: I did keep this goal. I made sure not just to do the ‘wear once and wash’ plan and over-wash my clothes.  I also paid more attention to how things were supposed to be cleaned.

Try to not be a chronic complainer. Be more positive. Outcome: Still working on this…

– Go outside more. Do more outdoorsy things with Paul. Outcome: I was good until the summer when my breathing and needing to keep my HR down prevented me from hiking in Gatineau Park.  We have more plans for this summer though.

Write in my agenda/journal every day so I don’t forget what happened in 2011: Outcome:  Wrote in my paper agenda, iCalendar and sometimes google calendar every day. I am continuing this with 2012 so I don’t forget what Max did on a particular day. I also keep this goal with school and used a google calendar for my grade 9 class and summer school: It kept the class and I organized!

– Try to not be scared in making new friends. Be less socially ackward. Outcome: I think I made some new friends…I still need to work on this


Write everything down in terms of talks with my students. I don’t teach a regular class and I work with many high-risk students. I need to document everything and I get a little lazy with it. Outcome: My position changed in late January, so I didn’t really need to do this. As stated above, I did become more organized with my lesson plans.

– Get at least one line of contract work. That is up to the school/general luck. But it would be nice…. Outcome: Didn’t happen….Didn’t even get an LTO line until October….not going to complain, not going to complain…

– Stick to my classroom rules a bit more, especially cell phones. Outcome: Getting better at this. Ended up using cell phones to get internet in summer school due to a severe lack of computer lab space (my careers class is very tech dependent).  But I did take their phones away if I was giving a lesson.

– Create a solid curriculum for Co-operative Education and Careers. Outcome: Done!  A few people are using my Careers Curriculum now.  I also got two summer school teachers to teach using my plans.  P might be teaching careers next year too.

– Try to not complain out loud about certain teachers who do not work the same way as I do.  Outcome: Stayed a bit more quiet, except for one teacher…

Get 200+ runners for Ottawa Run Weekend. Outcome: We had about 150 run…it was so much fun!  Really proud of the students who trained hard for the 10K.  Glad to see so many young people take a big interest in staying healthy and fit.

Train at least 3 students in Track to OFSAA this year. Outcome: Done!  I took 3 and had a great time. Had a top 8 finisher too.


– No more credit card debt. If I don’t have money, don’t buy it. Outcome: ya, see about for my employment situation…I would have been debt free if I had a real job….

– Finish paying off my student loan and then start saving for new cello, furnace, renos. Outcome:  student loan was paid off in August (yyyyeeeeaahhhh). Cello is on hold, but did pay for some renos and I am saving for the new furnace.

– Start a small crafts project that I can sell in November/December Craft sales. Outcome: Didn’t happen.  Considering this for this year/if I don’t go back to work.

-Start contributing to a TFSA. Outcome: Didn’t happen. Pure laziness on my part though.


2012 Goals!!!

I am skipping school/career goals since technically I have right to have this entire year off school (since I left just before Christmas break).  My only goal in this regard is to get a freakin contract line. Fourth time, it can happen?



– Running: Do a sub-30 5K again, run the 10K in the Ottawa Run Weekend and if Max likes the Chariot, the half in the Army Run.

– Max: To not become lazy in terms of being with Max.  Once the weather warms up and the salt/snow is off the ground, we will be out a lot more.  Wish we had some things around the neighbourhood to go to (other than the park).

– Weight/staying fit:  Lose another 10 pounds (5 of which is baby weight).  Tone up and try to find my abs again (where are you abs??)

– Make at least one new real friend

– Clean out my closet and start wearing more coordinated outfits, not just phys-ed wear! (So hard though…)

– Attempt one new recipe a month

– Put pictures in a photo album!

– Stop complaining!


– Make dents in our debt

– Start an RESP for Max

– Start saving for a new computer to purchase in 2013

– Make a plan to earn an income if teaching does not work out for Sept. 2012 or January 2013. Supply teaching alone is simply not an option due to Daycare costs.


I think these are reasonable goals.  What are yours?

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