Had my 6-week follow-up last Friday (even though 6 weeks is today), and I am all healed up from labour/delivery and can now resume working out, maybe even go for a run (when it isn’t too icy). After going through the standard questions (how are things going, are you sad, any pain, etc) my OB asks about birth control and I gave him a blank stare and said “ya, like I have time for that, buddy!”. Anyways, one thing I didn’t know about breast-feeding until I became pregnant was that when you are breast-feeding exclusively, you may not get your period. However, you might still ovulate and get pregnant (which has happened to a few people I know).  So doc’s want you to resume some sort of birth control with the stern warning that breast-feeding is not birth control.  So I have a prescription for bc pills again….yay?

Eventually I do need to start doing some form of work-out as I need to develop some ab muscles again.  I have almost lost all my pregnancy weight, but still have about 7 pounds to go, which we all know are the toughest to lose.  I have this stupid looking pouch in my belly-button region of my tummy. It looks stupid because the rest of me (minus the boobs) is skinny.  So my problemo is that I am at a very ackward stage when it comes to clothes: normal clothes don’t fit yet, and my pregnancy clothes are a bit too bit now.  *sigh*

During pregnancy I had almost no stretch marks, minus the couple of weird ones in the middle of my butt-area and around my surgery scar.  I have a few around my belly-button, but they are not that noticeable and will probably fade eventually. As the case with most Moms, my boobs look weird as well, but that is unavoidable if you wish to breastfeed and really, I have no plans on showing my boobs in Playboy or anything. My pelvis area/lower back still hurts if I sit too long. When driving back from Oshawa last week, I had to get Paul to drive after only 1.5hrs of me driving because I was in too much pain.

Other than that, I feel pretty much back to normal. I am very surprised at how well I felt a couple of days after giving birth (minus the whole open wound thing). I know the first time I go running will be a bit of a struggle, but honestly I usually take a break from running from November to the spring anyways (I don’t mind the cold, but I hate the icy streets). Which reminds me….time to sign up for some races!!!

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