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Max and I are getting into a bit of a bedtime and morning routine.  After a fun-filled cluster feeding evening where it is impossible for me to leave the couch, I give Max his last feeding around 10:30 which includes some regular breast-feeding followed by about 2oz of bottled breast-milk or some formula as his top-up (because of the weight gain issues). He then goes to bed around 11:30 and I wake him up at 3:30 for a very quick feeding (as he would rather be sleeping).  Back to sleep he goes and it is up to him when he wants to wake up. Sometimes it is 645-7ish, some days (like today) are more around 9am.  We then do a feeding while I do my morning computer routine.  That is the extent of a routine because the day/evening are really wonky and Mr. Max does not like to nap!


So that rant is because I do have time to write a blog entry while he does his morning feed.  Yay!  Looking for ideas on what to write about!


Random 10 Things:


Previously I did a random 5 things here:

1. I love Greek Yoghurt.  I got into it when I lived in Australia for a summer.  Canada has finally started getting into it and now there are several options available.  However, the way Greek yoghurt is done in Australia is by having a plain yoghurt topped with assorted fruits.  It is more like a dessert than a breakfast item. In fact, I worked at a salad bar that had a greek yoghurt stand attached to it.  Lets just say that I enjoyed quite a bit of yoghurt during my time in Australia. In Canada I have yet to find a ‘greek yoghurt stand’.  Some of the yoghurts I have tried do not taste like the yoghurt in Australia, but the Olympic brand ‘Krema’ does taste pretty much the same. Fat content: 60%….yuck!  So I am trying another 0% brand, but I accidentally bought ‘plain’ when in reality I want vanilla.

2. I love eggs….but….I react badly to them.  I am not allergic as it doesn’t happen everytime but every once in awhile when I eat an egg-based dish, I get really bad stomach cramps and sometimes have to spend some time “upstairs”. I can’t say no to quiche though!

3. Once I am a bit more financially stable (meaning have a real job), I would like to get my pilot’s licence

4. It is hard for me to buy shoes.  I feel uncomfortable in heels and my feet only like half sizes.

5. My major in university was geography, my minor was music.  I rarely use my geography degree for anything which makes me sad on so many levels.

6. I am a Mac-user, as well as an iPad and iPhone user.  I use a PC at work only when I have to (for example, using Trillium, our student information and report card program). Thanks to the iPad, I don’t have to use the stupid school computers when I do my power points.

7. I drive a Jeep Cherokee.  Not by choice though. It is my husband’s jeep as last year we made the decision that we only needed two cars (P has a commuter car aka ‘a beater’), and unfortunately my Pontiac Wave lost out so it went back after my lease was up. I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t miss my Wave, as I do. I regularly call the jeep “the stupid jeep”.

8. I have lived in Mississauga, Toronto, London, Hamilton and Ottawa.  I miss Hamilton the most, but Ottawa is a close second. I never want to live in London again. I do wish I took more advantage of living in Toronto when I was there (go to restaurants, see more things).

9. If I were to go back in time and re-do my schooling, I would be a doctor or a midwife.  If I actually went through with medical school I would want to be a OB-Gyn, surgeon or ER physician. I would never want to be in peds or geriatrics.

10. I am not religious.  This doesn’t mean that I am an atheist, because I do believe in some sort of ‘God’ or higher being(s). I just have a hard time understanding organized religion. I do have an interest in experiencing other people’s religious customs.

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  1. Weebsurfer

    I’m with you on number 10. Happily agnostic. Organized religion has just become too culty.


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