Rare Saturday Post

Normally I don’t post on Saturdays because my daily routine changes as P is home and generally during “computer time” in the morning I am on my iPad rather than my Macbook and I don’t do blog posts via the iPad. P is at school today working on the robot, but he stayed home yesterday so I’m not caring too much.

Baby Stuff

Max slept well last night. We went to bed around 11:45, woke up for a very brief feeding at 3:30 and then slept til 8am.  I have to wake him up at 3:30 and on Thursday night I accidentally fell back asleep and didn’t wake until 5:15am again…whoops. I am curious to see how long he will go for, but we have to wait another month before I can let him skip that feeding if he feels like it. Max had a really good weight gain last week which puts him almost where he should be now. He has now gained a full pound since birth…yay!  Now, for the first time since September I don’t have to go to a doctor’s appointment for three whole weeks, whoa!

I had my 6 week follow-up with my OB yesterday, so I am not done with him unless any more lady-problems arise. We had a good chat yesterday which included him saying that being on-call is one thing, but being on ‘baby-schedule’ is a different thing.  We talked about how time consuming it can be to look after a newborn/infant all day and how you feel like you are not doing much, but still can’t seem to get things done around the house.  This usually results in the significant other coming home and saying “why isn’t dinner made?”. This usually results in a very angry Momma 😉 But the OB said he took a month of paternity leave and said that one of the first days he called his wife at work going “omg, when am I supposed to pee?”, which is so true. I think I am doing good with keeping up with the housework and cooking.  If Max can give me 1 hr of nap time, I can get a lot done…but if not, I’m lucky if I can get the dishes down without him freaking out. The big thing is the feedings.  At least 8 feedings a day at 30 minuutes to an hour each + a nappy change before (5 minutes) + keeping him upright for 30 minutes with burping included (yay acid reflux) = at least 8 hrs a day “feeding”.  That is the same as a full-time job. I think once he is a bit bigger and has better control of his head we might try the Moby nursing wrap so at least I can move around 🙂


Went to Boston Pizza for dinner last night. Boston Pizza is one of the very few chain restaurants we actually like going to.  But specifically we like the Orleans location.  We have always had good service and good food (for a chain restaurant). Also, they are very baby-friendly, unlike Clocktower where I don’t feel comfortable bringing Max in past 7pm (even though I know they are fine with babies). Last night our waitress was one of our supply teachers. I always feel bad when this happens, mostly because I felt awkward when I had to cash out people I knew at the Superstore.  You know, someone is your equal in the day time, but in the PM you are serving me dinner?  But the sad reality is that almost every supply teacher I know has a PM job in the retail/service industry. Good times…

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