Sleepy Time

Last night around 12:30 I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep.  I have to get up again at 3:30, so I hate it when I cannot fall asleep right away.  Once I started working full-time, I developed a bit of a routine. I was generally in bed by 11pm and would wake up anywhere between 6:45 and 7:30 depending on the day (I could get up as late as 8:30 if I wanted to as I live down the street from work). I rarely had any problems falling asleep and would get at least 6 hours of solid sleep. It hasn’t always been like this though:


When attending my first year of university I lived in a dorm with a roommate. Now I wonder how in the world I survived living with someone in the same room. I feel ‘in my old age’ that I wouldn’t be able to tolerate someone else’s schedule as easily as I did when I was 19 (omg, just realized 10 years has gone by…). Going to bed at 11pm is for suckers, so gradually I moved bedtime up a few hours. Plus on ‘bar nights’ (Thursday-Saturday), one would get woken up by the drunken crowd (heck I was the drunken crowd sometimes), including people getting mixed up and trying to enter the wrong room. While living in a dorm, I developed the ‘can sleep through anything’ skill. Other than pepsi/coke, I was not into coffee or tea yet. However, this was ten years ago and ‘high speed internet’ had just come into the picture in an affordable way (remember dial up?).  It was so easy to spend hours on the computer talking on MSN and ICQ, searching stupid videos on the internet (note, I almost typed google…didn’t know what google was at that point). This was before Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook (Zuckerberg was just a freshman at this point) and many other sites were in existence. But, you still spent hours on the internet and did not go to bed til well past 2am.

In third year I lived in a shared house and continued the ‘not going to bed til 3am’.  I also had discovered coffee and beer at this point. Yes, it took me til 3rd year to discover those ‘must have’ drinks, I know, sad. Remember when getting up for an 8:30am class used to be painful?  You felt like you couldn’t shower, left the house with 15 minutes to spare (it was a 15 min walk to school) but had to get a coffee before hand. Many university students I know still bitch and moan about 8:30am classes.

Now, early mornings do not bother me as much.

Until recently.


Now that I have to feed a small human every 3-4 hours, I no longer go to bed at 11pm.  Actually I am still feeding Max at 11pm.  By the time he is feed, burped, changed and has sat up for 30 minutes, it is almost midnight. I wake up at 3:30 for about 45 minutes and then back in bed. Although we are up at 7:30 for another feeding, we are promptly back sleeping until at least 8:30 (but more like 9:30). Once again, getting up early to be somewhere for 8am feels like torture 🙂

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  1. Kristen

    I look back and really wonder how on earth I got through university with so little sleep…

    I credit my mad typing skills to my high school and university obsessions with ICQ 🙂

  2. rebeccaw7

    I’m amazed I could handle 5 courses, and at one time 6 courses. Now I feel like one course is a pain. But I do actually complete readings and give assignments 100%, rather than my undergrad attitude of “hey lets see if I can write this a few hours before it is due and still get an A”…..


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