The judgement parade

Very quick post as I am supposed to be cooking dinner, not typing on the computer-box.


This article has been making the rounds on the mommy-blog-o-sphere today:–judgment-the-plague-of-motherhood


Basically it talks about how parenting (I am choosing to use the word PARENT as it is not just Moms who raise children for pete’s sake) is filled with people judging others. I am 100% guilty of judging others and I’m sure people judge me as well. I am currently using a pacifier with Max.  Yes, omg, the dreaded binky!  I did not want to go this route, but honestly it helps Max freak out less after feedings and it helps him fall asleep in all of 10 minutes (no joke, it has been a month and since the first week he has slept wonderfully).  It is important that Max doesn’t freak out after a feeding as that is what caused the acid reflux/ALTE episode last week.  Last night it almost happened again as I put him horizontal way too fast and he was crying.  All of a sudden spit up coming out of his mouth and nose. Choking face re-appeared, but luckily he cleared himself and I also quickly flipped him over.  I’m also certain he has a bit of acid reflux starting…poor lil dude.  Anyways….I know people judge because they think it causes nipple confusion. In Max’s case it does not.  He had no problems with his latch (until the whole bottle fiasco) and also uses the pacifier after meals and to get himself to sleep. He spits it out when he doesn’t want it.

People judge for everything from using a leash, not setting a routine, co-sleeping, drinking while nursing, etc. etc. etc.  For most things it is people’s choices so just let them be. I would love to co-sleep, but it would not work for me (yay night terrors) so M has to sleep on his own. Oh and OMG I put a blanket on Max…noooo the deathly blanket. When he can roll the sleep sack will make an appearance. But until then, the poor kid is cold and the blanket is no where near his head.


However, I will pass judgement on certain parenting things that I believe will affect how children grow up in the future.  Especially if a parent complains about their kids behaviour in the future.  One that irked me was “only lazy parents use the television as a babysitter”. Sure, no problem if the kids watch occasional TV or you put it on when you just can’t take it anymore.  But when it becomes a habit is when I get annoyed. Why? Because eventually I fight with kids to take school seriously and not watch flippin youtube for hours at a time.  I will also get annoyed if you feed your kid nothing but shitty processed food.  Occasional McD’s or KD…not a problem! Heck, I will see you there! Going to McD’s or another fast food joint every night for dinner because it is “cheap” (wtf seriously?) and easy.  That is setting your kids up for childhood obesity.  Basically I will still continue to judge the extremes. What you have to understand is that when I’m working I see the extremes of shitty parenting.  There are some exceptionally shitty parents out there.  As we have been known to say at school you need a license to drive a car, but you don’t to have a child.

I do like what the author said at the bottom how we should strive to better each other rather than judge. I would agree with this. Problem is I believe that many people will see beyond that sentence and think it is ok to do certain things and not listen to helpful advice.

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  1. Corto

    I like how you say “just a quick post…” lol 🙂

  2. rebeccaw7

    *sigh* I know….

    Went off my soap-box again 😀

  3. Weebsurfer

    Tee hee.. What @Corto said. Sucked me in for a “quick read” You sneaky blogstress you. 😉

    Connor was a little like what your dealing with on the post feeding vomits. Poor fella was huge and had a “premature asophogus” so he’d fill up and blow. Learned quickly to spend as much time as it took to burp.

    Passifiers serve a purpose, just as long as it doesn’t become “habit” as you say.

    On the subject of which parents to judge… I nominate those that are saying The Government isn’t doing enough about childhood obesity. WTD Is that? You want the government to take responsibility for YOUR kids. There’s no hope!


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