Thursday already?

Time flies by when you have an infant! My days seem to go by really fast (hello, it is noon already?), which makes weeks go by. Max is now 6 weeks old, holy moly!


Went to my first ‘Baby and Me’ movie.  We were supposed to see that new Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock movie, but for whatever reason they ended up showing the dumbass ‘Joyous Sound’ movie featuring Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah.  Queen Latifah was enjoyable, but Dolly on the other hand…she needs to just stop acting all together.  It was comical watching her in the film.  The movie was just weird.  A few Mom’s complained when they got there because I don’t think they would have paid $10 to see this film.  So we got a free popcorn voucher for next time.


The University of Western Ontario is now known as ‘Western University’, which to me just sounds stupid but what do I know about branding.  When I went there for teacher’s college, I either said ‘UWO’ or ‘Western’ anyways.  McMaster is still better 🙂 Thinking about that now, I have student numbers for four universities: McMaster (undergrad), UWO (Teachers College), U of Toronto (my teaching additional qualification courses), and U of Ottawa (grad school). My heart belongs to McMaster, as it was a fantastic four years (plus one paid victory lap year as an instructional assistant). I am going back to Mac in March to visit some of my profs and just to have a look around. I haven’t been back in two years. Max doesn’t know this yet, but he will be attending there one day (or so I think)

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  1. Kristen

    To me “Western University” Sounds like it should be much farther west than western Ontario. But I too know nothing about branding 🙂


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