Yuck, Winter!

It is fairly warm out for an Ottawa winter yet again.  Yesterday we had freezing rain and regular rain which has made our streets a slushy and icy mess.  This is the kind of winter I do not like as I feel like I always have wet clothes, everything outside looks like crap and stupid salt/sand gets EVERYWHERE. I prefer the nice fluffy snow any day, but in reality I just don’t like winter.  My friend is on her way to the Dominican Republic to get married.  Kind of wish I was there if a) I had the money b) P wasn’t a teacher and we could actually take a vacation when we felt like it and c) Max had his shots.  It would be nice to sit on the beach and soak in some sun.



There was a warehouse sale for Lulu Lemon this weekend up near the Ottawa airport. Apparently you had to stand in line for hours just to get in.  Reports say that traffic was so bad that people missed their flights.  Problem with Ottawa airport area is that there is really only two ways in, and both are single lane roads.  It is rare that an event like this happens in the vicinity of the airport though. As much as I do like LLL, there is no way in hell (Max or no Max) that I would stand in line for hours for a discount.


Oscar nominations came out today. This is another year that I have only seen one of the nominated best pics (‘The Help’).  I do want to see ‘The Descendent’s’ and ‘Midnight in Paris’, but alas having an infant = hard to see a movie.  I am going to the movies tomorrow for one of those Baby and Me movies. One nomination that I am a bit surprised about was Melissa McCarthy for ‘Bridesmaids’. I’ve been a fan of hers since her Gilmore Girls days and I am happy that she is finally getting recognized for her comedic talents. What I like best about her performance in Bridesmaids (despite the gross scenes) was that she almost unrecognizable to people who were a bit familiar with her.  When I told my friends and P that she was Sooki in GG, they didn’t believe me. However, she doesn’t stand a chance at winning best supporting, as Octavia Spencer has that one down for her role in ‘The Help’.

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