Quick post as I have tons of things to do this morning and Max just went down for his mid-morning nap.

– Going home to Toronto for the weekend. Max and I are going alone as P has to work all weekend (robot build season comes to an end on Tuesday). It will be Max’s first flight! Ottawa-Toronto is literally an up and down flight, so I’m not too concerned. I am bringing my spare carseat as I’m worried it will get damaged. I’m also trying to pack conservatively as I only have two hands…

– The hashtag #TellVicEverything is just too funny. The reason behind it….not funny.

– The sidewalks are almost clear of ice. I’m trying to remember the past 3 winters here in Ottawa and whether this is the earliest that I’ve started to see grass. Next week is a bust in terms of what I have planned (Toronto – Pembroke – Tremblant), so I think I will be back running the following week.

– Drummond report = I think I will be going into the private sector in terms of work. If those education cuts happen I can kiss a full-time (or heck even part-time) teaching job goodbye. I’m not sure what I will do next school year. I can’t afford to just be a supply teacher until Max goes to school…..

– Probably won’t be posting much next week as I am not bringing my laptop to Toronto and when I do have some free typing time, I need to hammer out an assignment for my AQ course at some point.

That is all……

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