Max – Two Months Old

Max was born two months ago….crazy!!! Time has definitely flown by. For those who have kids already, you know what two months means: immunization time. Poor Max, he will not be a happy camper on Thursday.

Things that I have learned in the past two months:

1) It is surreal that I have a child.  It is hard to imagine that he didn’t exist as a person two months ago. It is almost like he was always there (hard to explain I think).

2) Max thinks that fart sounds are funny – That’s my boy!

3) I have had to adjust my timing a bit. I am usually on time for everything, but now it takes a bit longer to get out of the house. I’ve had a few hiccups and have actually been late a couple of times.

4) I feel the days go by better if Max and I go out for about an hour.  The sidewalks here are still a big mess, so I am waiting for Spring to arrive so we can go on some jobs. The Chariot is fine on the icy sidewalks but a) I tend to slip and b) I’m afraid of the cold. Eventually I would like to start running again.

5) Babies have too many things. Seriously.

6) You talk about poop all the time.

7) I am grateful that in Canada we have 12 months of maternity leave. Although I might go back early, purely because teaching job security sucks, I couldn’t imagine going back after only 12 weeks.

8) After 40+ weeks of no beer/wine, that first drink tastes heavenly

9) I will never get used to the fact that strangers will look at Max and I and smile. It somewhat creeps me out. But I do understand that he is a cutie and everyone likes to look at a cute baby from time to time.

10) I am very grateful that Max likes to sleep at night.  The fact that I get a good solid 4-5 hours of sleep every night is the main reason I am finding parenthood not that hard. I am afraid of when he gets to what I call the turn around point (around 7-8 months) when he will start crawling and all hell will break loose. However, I am very much looking forward to playing with Max.


Max says Happy Valentines Day!

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