New Blog Name

I’ve changed the name of my blog for a few reasons. Might stick with this, might not (annoying I know). I figured as well that most of my posts will revolve around running, food and a baby, I should name my blog just that (and it sounds funny).

Had a great weekend up in Tremblant. It was good to get away. Once again, Cote Nord Tremblant provided great accommodations. This time we just had a 1 bedroom condo for the three of us and it was fine. The view was great (right over the lake). On Sunday you could see the top of the North side of Tremblant. I ate three crepes, had a couple glasses of wine, but sadly did not go skiing. Max can obviously not ski yet (let alone crawl) and he is too young for the daycare.  Usually P and I split up after a couple of runs since I prefer good ol’ green circle runs, while P likes black diamond runs. I just like him to follow me for the first run or two just so I can get my ski-legs back before going on my own. But not this year 🙁

Some pictures:


Max's new sleepsack

Beautiful day




Naked by the fire


You can see the north side from here on a clear day

Pretty snow landscape

I'm too sexy for my hat....


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