Pet Peeve Friday

I’m totally supposed to be working on my assignment right now, but I figured I would take a break. We are up in the Tremblant area for the weekend. As soon as I get about 1/2 way done my work we are going to head to the village for a walk, dinner and dessert crepes (yum!).

For today’s post, lets discuss pet peeves.  Here are 5 Pet Peeves (in no order)

1. People chewing/chomping

Hate hate hate the sound of chewing. It only annoys me when it is the only sound in the room. Obviously when I am chewing as well, I can’t hear it.

2. When clothes don’t match/are wrinkly

I don’t like wearing wrinkly clothes. Ironically, I also hate ironing….

I like clothing colours to be complimentary. Sometimes P wears a bright green (lime green) top with a olive pant. It doesn’t look good!

3. Lack of capitalization in emails/assignments/on FB

i hate it when people don’t capitalize. it looks stupid. why can’t people just press the damn shift key? hehe….

4. Being late

I cannot handle being late. Obviously with the introduction of Max in my life, I have been late a couple of times in the last few weeks. I am still trying to figure out my timing. I am pretty good at estimating time and knowing how much time I need to get ready or get somewhere. One of the main reasons that I started taking the bus to school for summer school was because I couldn’t handle the unpredictability of traffic and I would get VERY stressed out because of it. (The bus from Orleans to Preston Street in Ottawa is pretty much all in the bus lanes which = no traffic jams!)

5. When boys wear their pants so low that their boxers are showing.

Isn’t that uncomfortable???

Plus you look stupid.

What are your pet peeves???

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  1. Kristen

    Seriously – how CAN the pants that low be comfortable?!?
    (and strangely enough, I am currently listening to my husband chew…)

    One of my pet peeves: people who aren’t aware or considerate of the people around them in public. I want to say ‘You’re right sir- we’re all standing in this line for FUN. So that you can be served first!’


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