Races this season

I saw a lady jogging with a Chariot yesterday, so I think I need to get off my lazy ass and start running. The sidewalks going to the right of my house look pretty clear. But my usual route to the left (and down a small hill) are still out of bounds. I think Max will be fine in the Chariot.

This year I have a mix of old and new races.

First race back: Place d’Orleans Mother’s Day Run (On Mothers Day obviously). Distance: 5K

Ran it last year. Best part is I don’t have to park or anything. I literally walk out the door, jog to the end of my condo-townhouse development and BOOM I’m at the start line (I’m being serious). A couple of my friends are joining me with their kids. This is a very stroller friendly race, so Max will be joining me.  The route is along the Ottawa River Path, the section of which is my training ground for my cross country team. Therefore I know the path well, no surprises, but no challenges either.  Should be a good time!

Big Change Race: Ottawa Run Weekend (last weekend in May): Distance: 10K

This will be my first 10K race. I will be running this race primarily to see if I even like running more than 35 minutes, but also to see if I can hack it prior to registering for the Army 1/2. My goal is to finish the race with minimal walking breaks. Not concentrating on a time. I need to pace myself. I have a bad habit of doing my first K in about 5 minutes which I cannot keep up. Thanks to my Garmin watch purchase on Cyber Monday, I will be training for 6 minute KM’s which is more my pace (for now). Usually by the end of the summer I’m down to 5 min 30s.  I am running this race with my school. I have bright orange running shoes on order 😀

Fast Race: Emilie’s Run (last weekend in June): Distance 5K

This was my last race before retiring when pregnant. My time SUCKED last year because I couldn’t get my HR above 140.  It was my second slowest time ever. Emilies Run is a FAST race with cash prizes. Considering I will have the time to train this year (coaching track and field kills my personal training time), I want to have a sub-30 time for sure (which I can do….when properly trained).

Fun and Dirty Race: Warrior Run (3rd weekend in July): Distance: just over 5K

This is a fun race with obstacles. The Obstacles include mud and fire…yes fire. Paul and I are doing this together. Don’t give a crap about timing, it is more to literally run and get dirty. Should be good times. Best part is: you get a cool warrior hat, and besides getting your standard issue medal at the end. YOU GET FREE BEER!!!

Possible Races (haven’t signed up yet)

– All the Wildcat runs (school event)

– Army 1/2 Marathon or at least the 5K

– August Long Weekend National Capital (5 or 10K)

– NYC Marathon??? (in the draw, you never know!)

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