Random Sunday Post

Considering that I currently cannot move off my office chair because someone is napping on my lap, I figured I would post a random Sunday post!

I figured I would do another random things about me post about some of my quirks


10 Random Things about Me

1. I touch my hair way too much.  I’m always twisting it, smoothing out my ponytail, running my fingers through it.  I try to not do it so much when I’m teaching/out to dinner/talking to people, but it happens.

2. I don’t have a left ovary. It was taken out in 2008 because of a giant cyst that decided to twist my ovary around (ovarian torsion).  I thought that ovarian torsion hurt like a b****. After experience back labour, I can tell you that it doesn’t hurt as bad as that!

3. I have not dyed my hair since 2007 and I only have about 2 grey hairs. I hope it stays like that…..

4. I cannot drive standard. Getting out of first gear is hard for me because of the whole using the left foot and right foot at the same time.

5.  I only drink beer, wine and vodka-based drinks. I don’t like anything else.

6. I am very fortunate to say that nobody in my immediate family (parents, brother, aunt and uncles) have ever suffered from cancer. I have had many friends who have though…

7.  I can make perfect Yorkshire puddings….actually I’m just realizing I haven’t made one batch of them this winter yet

8. Spring is my favorite season

9. If I could speak French, I would probably not be a teacher. There are so many cool jobs out there that I cannot apply for because I am not bilingual including government jobs, jobs a the hospital and many really cool jobs at Ottawa U.

10. I don’t put sugar in my whipping cream. Apparently I am weird for that….

and Max is back to once again being “just lovely” and screaming his head off……off I go!

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