Say what?

Going to comment on a few things I have heard over the weekend that made me question the speaker’s intelligence.


1) Tony Bennett wanting to legalize drugs because of what happened to Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, saying if drugs were legal they could get their fix from a doctor.


Problem: Both Michael Jackson’s and (allegedly) Whitney’s death had something to do with PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. Meaning legal drugs that a doctor gave them. Please do not tell me that legalizing drugs is going to stop the problem. It will not. Abuse of prescription drugs is a big problem. Heath Ledger possibly died by taking too many sleeping pills and I’m pretty sure Michael Jackson’s doctor is wishing he didn’t push so many drugs through MJ’s system right now. Making something legal will not prevent abuse, otherwise we wouldn’t have alcoholics now would we?

In Canada we allow medicinal marijuana use, which I do support as it helps many people through their illnesses, especially nausea after chemo treatments. I am unsure whether marijuana should be fully legalized or not.  Someone has commented that the government could make a lot of money this way, which is true. However, it will not stop the abuse of the drug. I’m sorry but my dope-head students will not magically become smarter and actually come to class whether or not marijuana is legal or not. There is also discussion about the effects of constant marijuana use and mental illness.

How about we support and fund more support and rehab initiatives?

2) “People under the age of 50 have no empathy for seniors and should have no say in the decision making of them” – comment from a poster on the Toronto Star, from an article on dementia and driving.

Seriously buddy, go f*** yourself. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about and you have personally insulted both Paul’s and my families. When my grandmother had Alzheimer’s, my father and his siblings were all under 50. Paul and his sisters are all under 51 (E just turned 50) and we are currently looking after his Mom who has mid-stage Alzheimer’s. I’m pretty sure this commenter has never dealt with Alzheimer’s and the effect of the disease on someone. I’m sorry but Grey’s Anatomy and its portrayal of the disease in Ellis Grey and Adele Webber is piss-poor and only really shows maybe the first couple of stages. Alzheimer’s is way more than losing your memory. You lose your cognitive ability. My MIL can not make decisions for herself. If my FIL was not in the picture and she had no kids, she would have been placed in a nursing home, or possibly been found dead if no one noticed her decline in mental health. My Grandmother at the end just stared at the wall and spoke gibberish, had to wear diapers and couldn’t feed herself. My MIL has no idea where she lives, has tried to walk out of the house at 3am and is not having difficulty with her speech. Decisions have to be made on their behalf.

Having just gone through a loss of a driver’s license with my FIL, it is not an easy thing to do. However for his safety and the safety of others, it needed to happen and he needed a big push from everyone to give up the keys and finally realize that he could no longer drive.

3) Someone complaining that the supply teacher callout called them with a phys ed job for the day:”Girls phys ed?! I am Social Science and Family Studies! I hated gym as a kid! What can I do as a supply for girls phys ed? Naturally, I bowed out of this assignment. I was told that I am unable to teach phys ed and tech courses. I guess that’s not quite true?!”

Girl, take the call and go make some money for the day.  I would take a job (other than French unless I knew the school/teacher) regardless of what kind of teacher qualifications I had. Seriously, when was the last time I taught Geography or Music (my actual teaching subjects). Welcome to the life of a supply teacher, you never know what you are going to get in terms of work. Plus it is rare that a teacher would provide no lesson plans. If they don’t, play dodgeball, soccer, basketball.

The back story of this though, is this teacher does complain a lot about things that are not really changeable and are essentially “part of the system”. Welcome to teaching!! Yay!


Speaking of teaching, I start coaching again today…..woohoo!!!

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